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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Carpet

how to choose the right carpet for your living room

Home Decorating Tips

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Carpet

Posted on May 28, 2015

Colors are a big part of home decoration, choosing the right colors to paint your walls, for furniture, for decorative objects and other elements in your home can either make or break your interior decor. This is why you should put your mind into selecting colors right from the get-go. This includes the seemingly trivial decision of choosing the right color for your carpet.

Your carpeting will stay in your home for years, so make sure you decide wisely. To help you with making the choice, here are some guidelines to consider:

Consider what the room will be used for

One factor that should influence your color selection should be the use of space. Think about whether you want your carpet to brighten up or tone a room down and start from there. For instance, for dark colored family rooms, red is an excellent choice to lift up the mood of the room. Along with other bright colors, red is a good color for hallways and living rooms because it wears well.

Think about foot traffic

If the room you’ll be carpeting is predictably a busy one like a dining area, a family room, or a hallway, lighter carpets are the better choice since they can be treated to be stain resistant. The higher the foot traffic, the risk of stains will also increase.

Match your carpet with your interior design

No matter how good your carpet looks, if it doesn’t blend well with your design, everything will look like a mess. Make sure that your carpet either blends into your design or becomes a room’s focal point. But popular opinion suggests keeping your carpet serve its purpose the way a blank canvass would – to support surrounding design.

Let your carpet exude traces of your personality

The most important thing about choosing carpet color is if you feel comfortable with it. For instance, if you’re relaxed and casual, warmer colors will probably suit you better while those who are a bit more uptight prefer colder colors like blue, black and gray.

If you would like to experiment on colors and color palettes for decorating your home, explore colors here.

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