Home Decorating Tips

Fun House Decorations and Home Improvement Tips

Home Decorating Tips

Fun House Decorations and Home Improvement Tips

Posted on May 30, 2019

Moving into a new space, or feeling like your home needs some tender love and improvement? Whether you want to make a space feel more like a home, or you’re looking for an excuse to decorate your house to your heart’s content, Island Premium Paints has something to satisfy that DIY urge in you!

Home Improvement and House Decoration Tips

Want to impress the guests, or want to express your creativity by giving your home some much-needed improvements? Here are some Para Sure house decoration tips to help brighten up any living space!

Mix It Up: Traditional interior design calls for certain elements to go together. If you have key pieces that you think would look well together, what’s stopping you from experimenting? A thrift store coffee table can still look nice on an expensive rug, and an antique mirror can still impress while overlooking a modern living room setup. You can mix expensive and inexpensive items, and get that extra thrill at how impressed people would be when they see your perfectly laid out rooms! Make your own rules; your space, your story.

Paint the Big Picture: Decorating your house by hanging framed artwork on the walls is a surefire way of brightening up any space. Why not take it up a notch higher by painting art directly on the walls? Street murals have been taking the Philippine art world by storm, and bringing a piece of that culture into your home is a good nod towards art movement! You can try painting walls by yourself or commission an artist if you have a particular style in mind! There are also several wall stencils you can purchase that can help you paint away on your walls.

Prioritize Quality: Home improvements are easier to deal with when you invest in quality materials. This assures you that whatever house decorations you put up, would last. This also lessens the cost for possible repairs and replacements that you might need. Price points may not always be the most reliable guide for buying materials. Some materials with great quality and lower price ranges can work wonders for your projects. Read up on reviews for top-notch quality materials and pick whatever fits your DIY needs best!

Low costs and high quality can go hand in hand with your home improvement projects! With long-lasting paints like Prima from Island Premium Paints, you get a splash of vibrant colors perfect for your home decors. Popular for its excellent adhesion qualities, Prima requires less paint touch-ups and prevents paint colors from prematurely fading. This, from Island Paint –- the only paint with Product Satisfaction Guarantee!

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