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room color ideas to brighten your mood

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Painting Your Mood with Room Color Ideas

Posted on October 24, 2019

“Color is the backbone of design” and this quote from color expert Amy Wax becomes more true when you realize that colors can give life to spaces, transform rooms by giving it shape, and can even influence moods and thinking! So if you’re preparing for a decorative painting project soon, plan your colors wisely. Paint your desired mood and effect with these room color ideas.

The Transformative Effects of Color

Color choice is a very personal matter. You may choose to match every room’s colors to your personal taste with these basic effects in mind:

  • light colors are expansive and airy, making rooms appear brighter and larger
  • dark colors on the other hand offers warmth, intimacy and sophistication

But you may also opt for more hardworking room color ideas by considering the psychological values of colors, and how they would fit or complement your room’s purpose. No matter what age, culture or background, everyone reacts to color, and the right colors can create just the right mood and behavior for each room in your home.

Red is the most intense color in the spectrum. It ups a space’s energy level like no other and has been shown to raise blood pressure, speed respiration and heart rate. It’s also a good color for drawing people together, and getting conversations going.

Though not a popular choice for introverts and followers of the country style design trend, red is actually a good idea for living rooms, game rooms, hallways, receiving areas and even entryways. Just make sure to balance the intensity with neutrals here and there.

Yellow evokes happy vibes as it emulates the cheerful warmth of the sun. Few studies suggest that yellow gets the mind pumped up and stimulates nerves. Also a color of modernity, yellow works well for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and small spaces.

Blue is calming, relaxing and serene. When thinking of using a pastel blue for the primary color in a room, remember to balance it with natural light and warm hues for the furnishings and fabrics. While usually used for bedrooms and bathrooms, blue can also be used to induce relaxation in common areas such as family rooms, living rooms and kitchens.

One of the most restful colors for the eye, Green is the refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow. For any room, green encourages unwinding with enough warmth for comfort and intimacy. Mainly a color for relieving stress, green is a crowd favorite for studies, home offices, bedrooms and living rooms.

Dramatic and sophisticated, purple works best as an accent or secondary color. Lighter versions of purple bring about a restful quality to rooms as blue usually does, but without the risk of appearing cold or chilly.

Orange takes after yellow, evoking feelings of excitement and enthusiasm while boosting energy. For these effects, orange fits perfectly into rooms with high activity such as the dining room or an exercise room.

Neutrals or black, gray, white and brown are basic and essential for palettes that try to achieve balance. When pulled off with balance, all-neutral schemes work and evoke breezy, no-nonsense, simple living.

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