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Outdoor House Painting Color Ideas to Brighten Your Home

outdoor paint color ideas to brighten your home

Home Decorating Tips

Outdoor House Painting Color Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Posted on October 18, 2021

Are you game to give your home a much-needed makeover, but are quite unsure where to start? You may want to consider starting from the outside. Sometimes, it can take just one coat of paint to brighten your home’s exterior walls and make it feel brand-new and homey!  

If you need a little inspiration, discover house paint color ideas for outdoor walls that you can try today. Remember: there are no right or wrong choices when it comes to this task – just go with what catches your eye and build from it.

Outdoor House Wall Color Ideas to Think About

If you aim to brighten your home, consider these top color choices for your outdoor walls:

  • Light neutrals. Colors like white, ivory, and taupe are classic and cost-effective choices because they make the house look bigger, spacious, and clean without making it stand out too much. Plus, colors like these tend to be versatile and can be a great canvas for other accent colors or eye-catching items you’d want to display. Even better, light neutral colors can reflect sunlight and keep your house cool, especially on hot summer days.
  • Brown and earth tones. Painting your exterior walls in tones of brown or green can make the property feel warmer and inviting. These are good choices especially if you have wooden structures or accents to highlight.
  • Bright colors. If you want your house to stand out and catch people’s attention from far away, colors like yellow and red are good choices. Who wouldn’t feel bright and cheerful after looking at an eye-catching wall? However, the only downside about painting your walls in bright hues is their tendency to fade faster because they absorb a lot of UV radiation from the sun.
  • Navy blue. When paired with white paint, a cool-to-the-eyes navy blue hue can make your exterior walls stand out. This color is also great if you have woodwork you want to highlight. Just like bright colors, however, but navy-blue paint can fade faster since it can absorb sunlight (and UV rays) quicker.
  • Grey. Although this isn’t a conventionally “bright” hue, grey walls are perfect if you want your home to have a modern aesthetic, and convey sophistication and elegance. Additionally, muted shades like light-grey can make your home look bigger too. Other combinations to try include dark grey, or green-grey, or blue-grey.

What Else to Consider When Choosing Colors for Outside Walls

Keep these other tips in mind too – they can help you make that important decision of what color to paint on your external walls:

  • Limit color palette to a maximum of two colors. If you want to have more than one color on your exterior walls, set it to a maximum of two. Too many colors can make the walls look cluttered.
  • Stay away from black as much as possible. It’s recommended to avoid using black as the main focal point of your exterior wall since dust and dirt will be more obvious and you’ll likely clean the walls more than you intend to. 
  • Choose paints with satin or eggshell finishes. These paints are notable for their durability and can be easier to clean.
  • Consider your surroundings. Choose a color that blends well with your surroundings. For instance, if you live in hilly regions, opt for cool-toned colors since they can match the climate and greeneries surrounding the house. Got a garden? You may want to choose a color that can match or contrast well with your greenery. 
  • Try complementing your neighbors’ houses. Although the final decision should be yours and yours alone, you want to consider how your house will look alongside those of your neighbors, and if the resulting color looks harmonious. You also want to check if there are existing rules and regulations regarding exterior paint wall colors that have been set forth by homeowners’ associations or other similar organizations in your area.
  • Match the final color to your home’s materials or roofs. This applies to homes that have brick or stone in the property – you’d want colors to complement these elements and not clash with them. The same applies to houses with a tin or a shingled roof. If you have a roof with a warm color, it’s best to paint your exterior walls with another warm hue. Likewise, if the color of the roof is in a cool-toned shade, make sure your exterior walls are the same too. 

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