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guide on how to stain wood

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Step-by-step: How to Stain Wood

Posted on May 22, 2017

The tricky part to pulling off the Jungalow trend or a design scheme led by the color of the year: Greenery, is keeping all elements together. And one way to go achieve this is to stain your wood elements into a lively and uniform color.

No need to be an expert here! Schedule a day and get your wooden fixtures into the garage or your work area for a little staining. Here are the steps and some tips:

  1. Stain Test!

Wood can vary from tree to tree, and will definitely react differently to your stain. To avoid surprises, test if your stain mixes well with the natural color of your wood, to produce the color you are targeting.

  1. Sand the Wood

Stains color wood in a way that they seep into the inner layers of the material, rather than staying on top of the substrate. That’s why, especially if your wooden fixture has a finished surface, you’ll need to sand your wood to open its “pores”.

You’ll want to start sanding lightly with a medium-grit sandpaper, and finish with a fine-grit sandpaper on your final sanding. Remember to avoid unsightly scratches by sanding in the direction of the wood’s grain.

  1. Apply Your Stain

After sanding, you may now apply stain on your wood using a cloth, a bristle brush, or a foam brush. Use a liberal amount of stain on your wood, for it to absorb an ample amount.

  1. Wipe Off Excess Liquid

Give your wood time to absorb, and your stain to penetrate. The longer the stain is left on, the deeper and richer the color will be. But also be careful with timing. If your stain dries on the wood surface, applying a clear finish for protection may be difficult.

After letting it rest, carefully—and in the same direction as the wood’s grain, wipe off excess stain.

  1. Finish Off with a Clear Coat

After your stain has completely set in or dried, protect the stain and the surface of your wood with a clear finish.

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