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Modern Industrial Paint Colors for Your Home Office

modern industrial paint colors for home office

Home Decorating Tips

Modern Industrial Paint Colors for Your Home Office

Posted on February 10, 2021

When it comes to modern industrial design, it’s all about neutral paint colors, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces that highlight the raw, unfinished look that many try to conceal. You may have seen this growing trend in loft apartments and commercial spaces, but now, you can try this “warehouse look” in your home office. 

Not sure where to start? Try these Prima modern industrial paint colors!

L-R First Row: Wader, Antique, Sisal Flower, Nutmeg Seed

L-R Second Row: Raw Umber, Dark Azure, Midnight Blue, Wrought Iron

Modern industrial design relies heavily on the combination of different neutral colors to produce a clean and minimalist look. The bulk of space would radiate neutral tones like Wader, Antique, and Sisal Flower, while the bold hues like Raw Umber, Midnight Blue, and Wrought Iron are saved for the small decor and furniture details. 

Greys are a favorite when it comes to modern industrial paint colors. It passes on intellect, foresight, strength, and emotional neutrality that is needed when it comes to dealing with work. This is a quality needed in a workplace environment so that one can be more efficient and free from making emotional decisions. A dark grey accent wall with a dry-erase board can be where brainstorming and problem-solving take place. Although, make sure to use this color subtly to prevent your home office from becoming too bleak and gloomy.  

Meanwhile, a neutral off-white like Wader can also function as a great backdrop for any modern industrial office decor like exposed pipes, metal light fixtures, and distressed wood. It’s warm enough to comfort a stressed mind and neutral enough to not be too distracting. And browns like Nutmeg Seed and Raw Umber may feel out of the ordinary, but these classic tones are sure to never go out of style. It can make your office space feel handsome and elegant for many years to come. 

If you feel that black is too dark and moody for your space, a non-neutral like Midnight Blue, Dark Azure, and Wrought Iron can work. Dark blues can evoke serenity, sophistication, and creativity. You may also choose this tone as your accent wall color because not only is it a classic, it can effortlessly pair with nearly any other decor you choose.

Protip for a professionally-done look: Don’t be afraid to combine wood and metal. It is a no-brainer when it comes to modern industrial design. You might be surprised at how a vintage wooden drawer can perfectly pair with a steel-framed mirror in one corner of your office. 

Give your home office a modern industrial look by using Island Prima!

Island Prima is pure acrylic-based paint by Island Premium Paints. It comes in different sheens and a wide range of colors, so you may create your own modern industrial paint color palette and use it for a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

An advanced-formulated paint made for the Philippine weather, Island Prima delivers good alkaline resistance in a durable finish. It demonstrates the most important qualities of a topcoat with Product Satisfaction Guarantee.

Think you can achieve this industrial vibe? With Island Prima, you can.

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