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Island Life: Painting with Low VOC Paints

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Island Life: Painting with Low VOC Paints

Posted on September 5, 2017

Picking the right paint for the job cannot be stressed enough. Aside from the possibility of ending up with disastrous paint jobs, the wrong paint can do harm to your health or your loved ones’. Choose to be safe with your painting projects.Here’s what you need to know about VOC in paints and low VOC paints such as Island Life.

What Makes Paint Harmful

It’s no secret that paint and prolonged exposure to it can cause certain health conditions. These conditions range from headaches, eye irritation, dizziness to more serious problems concerning the liver, kidney and the body’s nervous system.

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are your prime suspect. These are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that vaporize into the air once paint dries on a surface. When VOCs enter the air and interact with various elements, Ozone is produced which causes air pollution, and triggers a host of health issues including those specified earlier.

The release of these VOCs does not end with paint drying on your walls. They continue spilling out for a good number of years.

With the discovery of these facts came the demand for safer alternatives. In response, paint manufacturers had come up with low VOC paint.

About Low VOC Paints

Pigment, binders and solvents—these three components contribute to a can of paint’s VOC amount. Most would come from the solvents due to its liquid form and assigned characteristic of evaporating quickly after paint is applied on a surface.

Paints with solvents that are oil-based have high VOC content, while those that are water-based have low or no VOC content.

Replacing oil-based solvent is a huge step but doesn’t solve the VOC problem. Pigments and binders also carry VOCs and toxins. There are paint manufacturers such as Island Paints who provide you with options on paints that cut back on VOCs and toxins.

Island Life: A Breath of Fresh Air

Island Life is Island Paints’ solution to the health-damaging effects of oil-based paints. Best for interior walls and ceilings of hospitals, hotel rooms, bedrooms, nursery rooms and the like, Island Life is an anti-microbial, low VOC water-based paint with additives that help in reducing the growth of disease-causing bacteria such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus & Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

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