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How to Get Your House Ready for Summer

how to get your house ready for summer

Home Decorating Tips

How to Get Your House Ready for Summer

Posted on March 6, 2015

The cold days are coming to an end! It’s almost summer, and we’re already starting to feel the heat of the summer sun. You might be ready for the beach season but what about your house? Your house should also be prepped for the warmest season of the year!

Here are some tips you should remember to get your house ready for the summer season:

Give your house a fresh, summer breeze

The summer heat may sound like a dream when you’re at the beach but no one likes a house with heat that breaks the thermometer. Luckily, there are easy solutions for this problem. Nothing says fresh breeze better than potted plants as it helps filter the air. Dress up your windows with light, white curtains and keep your windows open to let the wind in.

Let the evening breeze of summer in

Nights are cold during the summer and this helps make up for the heat of the sun during the day. Let the cold breeze in by cleaning your screen doors or replacing them with new ones if they’re damaged. For hinges, make sure that they’re tight and properly lubricated, especially on materials that can become warped due to temperature changes.

Get yourself a ceiling fan

Because summer is the warmest time of the year, you’d probably let your air conditioning unit run throughout the day. But that can be pretty harsh on the electric bills. Getting yourself a ceiling fan serves two purposes: it helps circulate the air and also makes for a great decorative piece!

Replace your sheets with light linens

Let your comforters and heavy covers take a rest for a while and replace your bed sheets with lighter linens. Pick the ones that are light-colored as these will give the room a refreshing mood and a tranquil atmosphere.

Incorporate water into your decor

Accessorize your home with pieces that make use of water. It’s a good idea to place charming water fountains in some corners of your house. This won’t only give your home life, it will also relax your senses especially when you hear the refreshing sound of flowing water.

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