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Island Paints for Your 2017 Home Upgrades

Home Decorating Tips

Island Paints for Your 2017 Home Upgrades

Posted on January 17, 2017

New Year is the best time to try out new things! For your home, Island Paints equips you with what you need to give your abode some fresh and vibrant upgrades!


Before you can put on a fresh new coat of color on your walls, a good primed base is a must.

Island Prima is a pure acrylic-based paint, especially formulated to suit interior and exterior applications. It’s guaranteed to offer high gloss, superior gloss retention, and good alkaline resistance while providing excellent coverage and durable finish.

Attesting to Island Prima’s advanced quality finish is its Product Satisfaction Guarantee, which promises that each coat won’t easily crack, peel off and fade.


Especially for rooms where the children play or where the elders stay, you need paint that fights off microbes and bacteria.

Island Life is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), low odor, anti-microbial water-based paint made from premium acrylic dispersion. An active compound in its formulation helps reduce the growth of disease-causing bacteria such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus & Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Available in 14 pastel shades, painting your children’s play room or bedroom with Island Life can even be an opportunity to bond with your little ones.


Island Colorquick is alkyd-based with no lead content, and strengthened with weather-resistance. With over 30 pre-mixed, and 240 special mixed color options, Island Colorquick is the perfect tool for new splashes of color on interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces.


Island Paints’s very own roof paint is an acrylic water-based coating with excellent durability and unmatched flexibility. It exhibits good adhesion with resistance to flaking, cracking and chalking under the harsh heat of the sun.

For a vibrant, long-lasting roof protection, choose Roofkote.


Do you really want to start the year with cracks and damaged surfaces in some parts of your home? Cover them up with an elastomer paint that’s decorative, self-priming, waterproof.

With good flexibility, high tensile strength, elongation and crack-bridging properties, Star Elastomer easily repairs cracks on interior and exterior masonry surfaces.


Decoratex is your best buddy for trying out various textures for the ceiling or a focal wall.
It’s a water-based type with good adhesion, excellent filling, high elasticity, and resistance to flaking and cracking.

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