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Country Home Tips: Choosing the Best Wood Bleach

Home Decorating Tips

Country Home Tips: Choosing the Best Wood Bleach

Posted on December 7, 2015

Every country home involves a lot of wood, and every wood must always be properly maintained. A good method of restoring the wood to its former glory is through wood bleaching. This is an effective and efficient remedy to equalize visible stains in wood. Stains and blotches usually disturb the uniformity of a wooden structure making an uneven appearance. It’s difficult to produce the look you want in your furniture if wood problems arise in your living space. Unlike equalizing stains in different methods, the advantage of using wood bleach is that it can lighten the wood without the effect of making it look “painted”. Wood bleaching is useful but must be handled with care as strong chemicals are associated with the process. Another important thing to note is that you have to check if your furniture is suitable for bleaching.

If you are having a hard time knowing what wood bleach to use, then this helpful guide is a sure way to get your problem solved.

Chlorine/Laundry Bleach

Before using stronger wood bleaches; this is a quick and effective solution that can easily eliminate mildew from your furniture. Blotches, water spots, and coffee stains are easily fixed through this agent. Although quick in handling fungi, laundry bleach’s effect on wood whitening is not that fast, but by consistent application, it can still get the job done. Evenly brushing your wood with this type of bleach is the perfect technique in creating the desired look. Chlorine has the risk to irritate the skin so use all the necessary safety measures.

Alkali Peroxide Bleaches/ Two-part bleaches

Fused with two components, this type of wood bleach is powerful. Usually found in paint stores, this bleach is used to create a quick and lightening effect, therefore removing the wood’s natural color. Although off-white, the wood can still look nice after bleaching due to the smooth chemical reaction of the agent. To lesser degrees, it can quickly remove colorants creating a cleaner appearance for the wood. Usually, these two compounds are applied at different intervals depending on the manufacturer’s instructions so be sure to have the consistency in reading it every time you bleach some wood.

Oxalic Acid

Found usually in the form of powder, the process of this agent is by adding water to it before applying to the desired wood. This is the most effective remedy in dealing with the many forms of iron used in wood. Stains from screws, nails, and other hardware can appear in wood over time so oxalic acid is used in order to wash away the discoloration. Note that the bleach is usually applied to the whole furniture surface as this type of bleach also cleans out other stains aside from those that came from hardware. Oxalic Acid is very high in chemical concentration so use safety gloves and goggles.

Wood bleaching is technique based and can be very tricky, especially for first-timers, so make sure to prepare all necessary precautions.


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