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5 Purple Color Schemes for the Home

purple color scheme for your home

Home Decorating Tips

5 Purple Color Schemes for the Home

Posted on June 14, 2017

There used to be a time when colors signified specific feelings or brought out exact ambiences. Red implied passion, green meant life and purple, purple meant royalty. In today’s more creative world though, colors have been played with and mixed with other hues so that they evoke more.

The Color Purple

The once go-to shade of purple for elegance has now evolved to encompass femininity, reassurance, mystery, eccentricity, and a whole bunch of moods easily unlocked by putting together the right colors.

Check out these purple scheme suggestions for your home:

Upbeat Red and Purple

A color combo that’s not for the faint of heart, energetic red and plush purple in textures of velvet and silk offer a royal treatment of loud proportions. Red and purple commands so much energy that it’s perfect for rooms where a number of daily activities happen.

Design reco: Imitate the Joker’s vibe in your living room for the weekly game night with friends, perhaps?

Midnight Purple

Taking inspiration from the midnight sky, a dark shade of purple offers a sense of mystery, and a sense of luxury that’s not to grandiose or alienating. There’s a hint of cosiness to it and can actually put one in a trance-like state if used as a key color in a living room. Its deep hue may also serve as a nice backdrop for artwork.

Design reco: Complemented by a glamorous decor scheme with touches of silver or any metallic, deep, dark purple belongs to a personal space or in rooms that showcase your achievements.

Aubergine Accents

Aubergine is another dark shade of purple which can be paired with a lot of colors, thanks to its hints of blue, red, green and yellow. With white trims, the eggplant shade would intensify.

Design reco: Create novelty by arranging a pop of brights with one aubergine figure—maybe a wall, a door, or a sofa—as your accent. Aubergine unifies vivid colors into one lively theme.

Floral, Orchid Purple

One step lighter and paler than lilac is orchid purple. This one appears to be a shade plucked from the petals of a newly awakened lavender. It breathes in a pure and fresh vibe into any living space. A color clearly made to greet and welcome the sun, orchid purple works well into rooms where most of the day is spent.

Design reco: perk up the kitchen and dining area with prints and have this muted color serve as backdrop.

Plums, Pinks, Yellows and Oranges

Channel your inner Nanny McPhee and put together a vibrant ensemble of rich and sophisticated colors.

Design reco:  Make each color stand out on its own by giving them equal attention on a backdrop of neutral white or dirty white.

Purple not your color? Explore more color options, and read more on interior decorating with the color wheel.

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