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Enamel Paint 101

Home Decorating Tips

Enamel Paint 101

Posted on May 8, 2020

Enamel paint is known for being tough, hard, and glossy. While its main purpose is to touch-up appliances, DIY-ers commonly use enamel paint to make their small projects and models more vivid, colorful, and durable. If you want reliable resistance to any type of erosion, then enamel paint might just be what you are looking for.

Where did it come from?

Back then, enamel was primarily known as the glass-like shell surfaces of ceramic tiles, porcelain, and bathroom fixtures. All of these items are water-resistant, sturdy, and sanitary, hence the brilliant idea by marketers to call the revolutionary product “enamel paint.”

In the past, paints were unreliable. They used to be brittle and very prone to smudging. When enamel paint was made available to all, the consumers instantly associated it to the tough-as-nails quality of the above mentioned items.

So, what makes enamel paint so great?

Easy to apply

People who frequently work with enamel paint know that one of the best things about it is its ability to quickly dry when exposed to air. So problems that usually arise during paint projects, like drippings that lead to ruined floors, are non-existent. Depending on the oil content, the final results are smoother and shinier.

Remarkably durable

Enamel paint is very long lasting. It’s resistant to a lot of things, including heat and mildew. Surfaces painted with it can also be washed with water as its formulation makes it impervious to regular wear and tear – which makes it the perfect choice for spots in your home that are susceptible to dirt and stains like the bathroom and kitchen.

How do you use it?

You treat enamel paint like any other paint product. You can roll it on, brush, or spray it for projects that require a glossy, glass-like look with strong staying power. Here are some of its common uses.

In Bathrooms

As previously mentioned, enamel is used in porcelain and bathroom fixtures, so it’s only natural to apply enamel paint on bathroom surfaces. Its ultra-glossy quality matches seamlessly to the bathroom’s shiny components.

On Metal Items

Metal is enamel paint’s best friend. When exposed to moisture, metal surfaces tend to get rusty. Painting them with enamal paint will decrease the likelihood of this happening. It’s so durable that it is also used to paint cars, boats, and planes which are constantly exposed to environmental damage. Use it on your backyard if you have metal posts, a barbecue grill, or outside furniture.

Want to try enamel paint for your next DIY project?

Go for Island Paints ColorQuick Quick Dry Enamel!

COLORQUICK QUICK DRY ENAMELis a NO ADDED LEAD alkyd-based enamel especially formulated to provide a durable and high-gloss finish, and a weather resistant property excellent for interior and exterior works over wood and metal surfaces. You can use it on wood and metal surfaces as a general purpose finishing coat.

Need paint that’s more suited for indoor projects? Try Island Paints Prima​! PRIMA is a water-based acrylic that comes in various finishes for interior and exterior surfaces. It can deliver high gloss retention and good alkaline resistance. It also has UV-resistant properties.

To find out more about enamel paint, ​click here​. If you want to know more about how it is used ​click here.​

If you’re looking for more information on PRIMA, ​click here.​


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