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Quick Hacks for Interior Painting

quick hacks for interior painting

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Quick Hacks for Interior Painting

Posted on September 30, 2020

You want to refresh one of the rooms of your home; that’s why interior home painting is already in the works. You’ve done a bit of research on what kind of paint to use. You also know that it’s going to be a DIY weekend. But do you know that there are interior painting hacks that you need to be armed with, the moment you hold your paint brush?  To help you get that pro-level, flawless kind of interior painting, we’ve rounded up a few interior painting hacks that can guide you. Read on.

  1. Consider the weather.

    Avoid painting on a rainy day when paint takes so much time to dry. Humidity can cause unsightly paint drips –- and you wouldn’t want those flaws on your newly painted wall. It’s best to do your interior home painting in dry weather when temperature is primed to do quick drying for that smooth, seamless look.

  2. Do a color test.

    Sure you already know what color to use for your interior wall, but note that color changes its look once it’s exposed to sunlight. The same goes when shadows are cast on a newly painted surface. To meet expectations and get the exact hue you’re eyeing at, do a color test first. Buy a small amount of paint, coat a small area of the wall or a white poster board, and observe how it appears under the presence of sunlight at different times of the day. Once you’re settled and decided, then you can start your painting.

  3. Cover those that don’t need to be painted.

    It’s a painting basic, often overlooked by some due to haste, and sometimes excitement. Result: paint marks and drips on areas that don’t need to be painted. Never assume that you can always control your roller brush. Cover your floor, furniture, outlets, and light switches with old newspapers to protect them from spills. Likewise, wrap your door knobs and handles with plastics secured with tape.

  4. Always box the paint.

    True to so many things, consistency is key –- especially in interior painting. To keep your color consistent, consult your professional painter to know the realistic amount of paint you’ll need for your project. This allows you to buy your paint in one go and combine all the paint you’ll need in just one container where you can mix it thoroughly. This “boxing the paint” process keeps your paint color consistent.

  5. Painting starts on top.

    Avoid aimless painting. Using your roller brush, always start from the top slowly going downwards. This helps you catch drips as you work your way from one part of the wall to the next. It also helps you avoid splatters. Do not go back to an area once it starts to dry as it can only leave unsightly marks and color streaks. Do your “spot correction” on a separate day.

  6. Always use a primer.

    Never ever skip using a primer especially when your surface has flaws or has been repainted more than eight years back. Primer covers imperfections and ensures that the paint you’re applying on effectively sticks. Primer helps you achieve that smooth, long-lasting finish so consider that as a must when doing your interior painting. If you already have a clean and smooth surface, it’s okay to use paint and primer combos.

Breathing a fresh new vibe to your space through interior painting is always a welcome project and knowing the basics on how to do it right helps you get the results you’ve always wanted. Thinking if you can do your interior painting, yourself? Of course, you can. 

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