Home Decorating Tips

How to Decorate your Home for Easter

Home Decorating Tips

How to Decorate your Home for Easter

Posted on June 2, 2016

Get that springtime look and feel by decorating your home with an Easter vibe. It’s time to rekindle the spirit of your house with a lot of enthusiastic Easter activities! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do some home decorations. Some fun DIY projects can be pretty handy, and with the right creativity and research, it can turn your house into a blooming spring masterpiece.

Here are some fun ways how to decorate your home for Easter!

  1. Easter Eggs, The Paper Way

This is a fun DIY project that young ones and adults alike can participate in. Cut out Easter egg shapes from a construction paper. You can also use recycled paper if it’s available in your home. After cutting out from the paper, design the eggs with crayons, ribbons, and quirky stickers. You can hang the decorations almost everywhere from the staircase, doors, and furniture.


  1. Outdoors is the way to go

Why waste all that freshness and sunny vibe? Decorate outside by planting bright colored flowers around your home. Clean your backyard and sweep away all the cluttered debris. You can have a dining set-up outdoors with cute decorations like bunny ears or Easter eggs. You can also creatively paint your outdoor walls or furniture with Island Prima! Choose from its wide variety of premium grade colors. With a bright and fun set-up, family gatherings in your home will be pleasant and fun.


  1. Banners

You can never go wrong with banners! Nothing beats welcoming the spring season with a “Happy Easter” banner shining brightly in your home. Cut out lettering on illustration boards, construction paper, or recycled paper then begin decorating with glitters, crayons, paint, and many more! You can place as many banners as you want but the best spots will be on your doors and windows.


  1. Easter Colors!

Did you realize that many festivals or celebrations have a particular color related to them? During Easter, colors like red and sky blue each have their respective meanings. Red represents love and sacrifice for the good of humanity while sky blue signifies the beginning of a new creation.

You can be creative in applying all the suitable colors in your home’s decorations depending on your taste. But it’s still advisable that you use bright colors. It’s all depending on your eye for design because every Easter color has a story to tell.


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