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5 Effective Ways to Save Energy for Home Improvement

Home Decorating Tips

5 Effective Ways to Save Energy for Home Improvement

Posted on June 2, 2016

Home improvement is necessary when it comes to energy saving. With several appliances running in one’s home in this technological age, the rising demand for electricity is increasing in volume. In order for your electricity bill to stay balanced, it’s best to read up on energy saving. Energy saving methods will do good not only to your bank account, but also to your electricity consumption. There are so many ways on how to save energy, be it DIY projects or having a helping hand from a professional. Overall, the important thing about home improvement is that it gets the job done effectively and efficiently.

Here are effective ways how to save energy with home improvement.

  1. Air dry clothes or dishes

You can save a lot of energy when you hand wash and air dry your dishes instead of using a dishwashing machine. Most dishwashing appliances are electricity heavy so it’s best to opt for natural methods. For your clothes, try hanging them under the sun. You can conserve more energy with this method because you don’t have to use an energy-consuming dryer.


  1. Air conditioner scheduling

In a tropical country, air conditioners are starting to become a necessity to beat the scorching heat; however, a frequent usage of an air conditioner without a time limit will cause your phone bill to skyrocket. Scheduling your usage time will help in energy saving. You can use the timer in your air conditioner to have a more precise time frame.


  1. Unplug all electric appliances when not in use

this is the most staple advice in energy consumption. Just because you’re not using your plugged electrical appliances doesn’t mean it’s not using up any energy. The best way to save electricity is to unplug your electric appliances when not in use to reduce needless energy expenditure.


  1. Use a timer on water heating

a timer is responsible for turning on the water heater only when you need it. Without using a timer, daily and abrupt usage of the water heater can be very demanding on electricity because it keeps heating and reheating sitting water. Schedule your timer in order to accommodate your water usage. This will save unnecessary energy usage, providing a decrease in your electricity bill.


  1. Regulate refrigerator temperature

It’s important to always set your refrigerator’s temperature because it saves electricity in the long run. Keep your refrigerator’s temperature between 3°C and 5°C, and the freezer between -15°C and -18°C. A degree lower and a 5% increase in energy consumption will ensue. Also, make sure that your refrigerator is always packed. The less food it has, the more energy it will use because of the empty space that the fridge’s air must compensate.


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