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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Light Fixtures

Home Decorating Tips

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Light Fixtures

Posted on November 23, 2014

The lights in a room aren’t just there for, well, lighting up the place. Lighting actually plays a big part in the look and feel of a space. It’s more than just the light it gives off; lighting fixtures can really impact a room’s design.

When you’re planning to decorate your space, make sure lighting fixtures are also part of the plan. To guide you, here are some helpful tips on how to choose the perfect light fixtures to light up your home:

  1. Consider decorative lighting.

Why limit yourself to boring bulbs or scones? Think of decorative lighting fixtures as jewellery that can dress up a room. Consider shape, size, style, and color when picking out a light fixture for your room.

  1. Use chandeliers to make a statement.

Chandeliers are an easy way to add drama to a room because the eye is instantly drawn to it. These come in all kinds of styles, so you can be as showy or as toned down as you want. Chandeliers are typically put in entryways and living rooms, but you can go outside the box and put them in bedrooms, the kitchen, or even the bathroom.

  1. Draw the eye with pendant lights.

Pendant lights are another way to make a big design statement if chandeliers aren’t your thing. Pendant lights are great for smaller spaces that require direct lighting, like over your kitchen island.

  1. Go subtle with ceiling-mount light fixtures.

If chandeliers and pendant lights are a bit too dramatic for you, try making a more subtle statement with ceiling-mount light fixtures. These come in different styles that work well with all types of decorations, and make enough of a design impact without the drama of a chandelier.

  1. Add scale with floor and table lamps.

Floor and table lamps are popular design elements because they’re easy to incorporate in designs. Apart from adding interesting shapes and colors, these lamps can add scale to a room when you mix different heights.

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