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7 Ways on How to Make Paint Last Longer

7 ways to make paint last longer and more vibrant

Home Decorating Tips

7 Ways on How to Make Paint Last Longer

Posted on November 24, 2021

If you want to change the look of your home, painting is one of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways to do it. From colors and textures, there’s a lot to choose from to express your unique fashion. And although the wear and tear of interior paint jobs can give it character, it can also be depreciating to your style. Learning how to make paint last longer is always helpful.

If you’re one who prefers more vivid colors, you would also want to learn how to make paint colors more vibrant. For those who prefer neutral tones, you might want to stick to colors that are less overwhelming. Either way, it is always smart to learn the most effective ways on how to make paint go further. Let these easy tips show you how.

  1. Work with the weather
    It may not be the first thing on your checklist but the weather will affect the longevity of your paint job a lot. Humidity, for example, can affect your project because moisture or water accumulated behind the siding can cause the paint to create bubbles while painting. They can evenpeel off in the long run.

    The time your paint dries may also be hastened by wind or harsh sunlight. These are important factors to consider so that you can apply the paint evenly. As a general guideline, paint in the shade when the weather is cool and dry.
  2. Repair damaged surfaces
    Some of the reasons for painting your walls are to spruce up an area, or to restore old rooms. In repainting, sometimes we encounter damages like scratches or holes on surfaces. These may have been affected by rowdy children, pesky insects, or even careless handymen. Damaged areas can make even a freshly done paint job look old and untidy.

    A flawless and smooth surface is one of the ingredients to perfectly painted walls or woodwork. So if you see any damage, patch them up first before proceeding to work on your project. Fillers and sealers are also very helpful in fixing damages.
  3. Make sure the surface is clean
    After tinkering with your fillers and sealers, it’s time to clean up that newly repaired surface. Make sure there’s no dust, excess paint, dirt, or cobwebs. Paint will have a hard time sticking to a dirty wall; residue left behind can loosen up paint applied to the surface.

    You may also use sandpaper to soften rough edges or even rinse the surface with water to get rid of dirt or paint remnants. Cleaning your painting surface at least twice is also a good idea. You may use a damp cloth and detergent first and top it off with clean water and a soft towel.  For outdoor or exterior painting, you may also use bleach with water to clean the surfaces.
  4. Prime
    Priming helps for a longer-lasting paint-job than two double coats of paint—any professional painter knows this. With priming, you are ensured of better adhesion to the surface, increased durability of paint, and even extra protection for the painted surface.

    And if you want to learn how to make paint colors more vibrant, priming also makes for richer tones. This is because your primer hides the previous color of your wall well.
  5. Immediately Apply Paint
    After priming, you have to apply your paint right away. This is how professional painters do it seamlessly. First they cut into brushing the surface then go back to roll the paint to get a perfect blend. Painting with the right strokes is important in how to make paint last longer. Always cover strokes with an even coat of paint. You don’t have to be too artistic with your strokes, an ‘N’ or an inverted ‘N’ will do the trick.
  6. Use a Paint Thinner
    Also be wary of paint thickness before you paint. If it is applied too thin, the finished product will be weak. But if it is applied too thick, it will sag and crack.

    You may use paint thinner as an option to better gauge the thickness of your paint. It’s not an exact science, but be sure to use measuring cups to measure specific paint thinner amounts you need. 
  7. Hire a Professional
    If you have the resources, you can invest in hiring a professional to do your paint job. They know the ins and outs of the job and will provide you with the right techniques and tools to get the it done.

    There are different ways on how to make paint go further, how to make paint last longer, and how to make paint colors more vibrant. With these easy steps, you’re sure to have a lively surface from a smart amount of paint that will last for long.

Ready to paint your surface? For more paint tips and hacks, make sure you visit this page.

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