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Island Epoxy Enamel Paint

Our line of high-quality paints and products will give your home or project the vibrancy it needs.

island epoxy enamel paint


Island Epoxy Enamel Paint

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Epoxy Enamel is a two-component paint system based on Epoxy-Polyamide resins. It can bond to all types of substrates like metals, wood, and concrete. It also offers many advantages over conventional paints due to its outstanding hardness, toughness, flexible film, superior adhesion and resistance to corrosion and chemicals.


Well suited for industrial environment such as breweries, food processing plants, hospitals, petrochemical refineries and chemical plants.
NOTE : On exterior application, it may show some “chalking”, however, its protective and chemical resistance remains effective.


Brush, Roller, Spray


Dry to recoat: 12-24 hours depending on weather condition


Top Coat


Liter Set: ¾ Liter Part A and ¼ Liter Part B
Gallon Set: 3 Liters Part A and 1 Liter Part B

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Our line of high quality paints and products will give your home or project the vibrancy it needs.

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