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4 Multi-purpose Living Room Ideas

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Home Decorating Tips

4 Multi-purpose Living Room Ideas

Posted on May 17, 2020

The living room is every family’s favorite cocoon. Essentially, this is where everyone gathers. This space is where kids hang out, where guests are welcomed, where mom and dad would exchange stories and yes –- at times, this is also where they do some office work. Designing a living room does more than an aesthetics uplift. Using color palettes that define subtle space segmentation and a few interior design tricks, your living space can go further and be more than just your usual sofa-table-wall kind of space. Here are some handy tips to get your design prowess going.

1.​ ​Sofa So Good

The sofa is the star furniture in every living room. It goes without saying that the more it does for the household, the more functional the living space is. Hence, instead of going for traditional sofas, look for ones that are hardworking and multifunctional. Sectional sofas work well on this as they provide more flexibility. Separate each section and you have multiple seats, put them together and you have a group couch for watching tv. Move them towards the wall and you have a bigger space for guests.

2.​ ​Coffee Table with Storage

Everybody gets smitten with coffee tables that are sleek and pretty. But for a multipurpose living room, an equally important keyword is “double duty”. Given that, go for coffee tables with hidden storages for living room essentials. Pull out drawers for magazines and throw pillows, expandable slots that serve as “study tables”, side pull-outs for snacks, the list goes on. The more “roles” your coffee table can do, the better for you.

3.​ ​More Seating Space

Gone are the days when a chair is just that, a chair. Now, ottomans let you sit, relax, and keep some living room essentials. This is where toys, small books, and notepads can be kept. Likewise, this can also keep some cleaning products that are often used to tidy up sofas and tables. LIkewise, for households who love hosting guests, it pays to have side tables that also serve as chairs. Get ones that won’t easily fade with liquid spills as these can also be random surfaces for food and drinks.

4.​ ​Wall and More

Walls are not just there for decorative purposes. Walling? Consider shelving. With some nice carpentry and color coordinates with the rest of the living room area, walls make a great shelf alternative for some of your stuff. Photos need not be on top of tables all the time. Have them nicely displayed on walls. The same goes with your mini coffee table books, small travel collectibles, and a lot more.

It’s true that less is more, but if you want to add function to your living rooms, more is definitely the way to go. Multipurpose pieces of furniture and living room areas work wonders, but for a more cohesive look, make sure color splashes are also considered. This goes for paints on your furniture, walls, and shelves. Check out Island Premium Paints for a wide collection of color palettes ideal for living rooms. Visit​ ​

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