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Working with Blue Paint: Interior Color Ideas

best blue paint ideas and décor for your home

Home Decorating Tips

Working with Blue Paint: Interior Paint Color Ideas

Posted on September 4, 2018

Two facts about blue paint: one, you can never be stressed out in a blue room; two, you can never go wrong with a touch of blue in any of your interior spaces. Fan of blue? Here’s a quick read on blue and some tips on working the interior paint color ideas into your design plan.

The Blue Hue

Calming and thought-stimulating—these are the usually associated moods and qualities to using blue paint for interior paint color ideas. But what most don’t know is that blue can also be bright, full of life, bold, and a whole lot of other vibes that can be easily unlocked with the right shade, the right color combination, playing with patterns, as well as placement.


Para Sure Design Tips for Working with Blue Paint

Working with colors does not end with picking one specific hue. Add more to your blue with these para sure tips.

Balanced Boldness

Working with Blue Paint for Your Home Decor


Although relaxing by default, blue can be bold and striking too. If you opt for the edgy route, just make sure to balance the intensity by breaking your blue with black, white and other neutrals.


Customize Your Color Scheme

Working with Blue Paint for Your Home Decor


Pair up your blue with other colors that should help you achieve the ambiance you’re going for. A crisp blue and white is a classic and, with the right decor items, can be angled to themes such as nautical or dreamy.

You can go all-out creative with your color choices too, of course. In the office photo above, the basic palette of blue, red and yellow gives off a certain vibe of freedom.


Test Textures

Working with Blue Paint for Your Home Decor


Solid walls can be boring, and one way to spice it up would be to experiment with textures. Play with tiles, wooden planks or try these simple techniques with decorative paint.


Blue-colored Fixtures

Working with Blue Paint for Your Home Decor

Blue can be perfect on your fixtures too! For your interior paint color ideas, go all out with a mod vibe and consider using paint on wooden chairs or end tables. A side project of DIY painting or staining wooden furniture with Colorquick should be fun!


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