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What is Enamel Paint?

Posted on October 3, 2015

For some people outside the industry, enamel is known as the hard, translucent covering on the exterior of the teeth. Biologists even claim it to be the hardest tissue in the human body. This description is not far from what enamel paint is, considering that enamel paint’s distinguishing characteristic is a hard, glossy, and usually transparent finish.


Historically, enamel paint referred to oil-based paints with a certain level of gloss in its durable, protective finish. But with the development of latex or water-based paints and how they are increasingly becoming popular, the term enamel has evolved into a label loosely used for any paint that produces the key characteristic of a stone-hard, polished, and a translucent to opaque exterior.


World War II saw a shortage in linseed oil and other solvents used for oil-based enamel. This resulted in the introduction of acrylic-based paints, which would already be known as water-based enamel.

Oil-based enamel comprises 20% of paints in the market today. Not so surprising as some painters prefer the variant because of its good coverage, spreadability, and ease of use. The only downside of it is the harmful chemicals and VOCs released into the air during its drying time.


Enamel paint has become the default when it comes to exterior surfaces or areas that are prone to wear. When painters talk about enamel paint, they’re looking for reliable durability and washability. As what your paint sheen basics would tell you, the glossier your finish, the more durable and more resistant it is to dirt and chips marks.

Of course, there’s only so much that words can say about the paint’s capabilities. For your next outdoor project, or for treated wood and metal, try Island Premium Paints’ very own enamel champion. Island Quick Drying Enamel is enhanced to be extra strong and resistant to withstand the country’s harsh weather conditions. It gives off a gloss finish like a good enamel Paint should and comes in a spectrum of colors.

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