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Use Wisely: Exterior House Paint Tips and Tricks

exterior house paint tips in the philippines

Home Decorating Tips

Use Wisely: Exterior House Paint Tips and Tricks

Posted on May 30, 2019

When it comes to exterior house paint, there are a few extra check boxes that differ from the usual paints that we use indoors. In addition to choosing color combinations, you also have to consider the surfaces you will be painting. Before picking out your exterior house paint, Island Premium Paints is here to give you a handy list you should keep in mind:

Exterior House Paint Tips and Tricks

Are you up for painting your house’s exterior? Here are things to remember before making that important paint decision!

Swatch to be Safe: Having a hard time choosing what exterior house paint colors to pick? Request for paint swatches from the hardware store and tape them to the walls of your house! Check the paint swatches at different places so you would have an idea how the colors would look on your walls at different times of the day.

Look Around: Painting the exteriors of your house means you have to consider how your house looks against its surroundings. Is your house surrounded by greeneries, or do you simply want to stand out in the middle of the concrete jungle? You can start choosing your paint options from there. If you live in an exclusive community, bear in mind that there may be village rules on allowed house paint colors. It is best to check the neighborhood regulations before going wild at the paint store.

Surface Matters: Choosing your exterior house paints can be overwhelming. To guide you, it is always good to remember to prepare the surface you have to paint on. Cleaning your walls, as well as checking for cracks or peeling paint, is important before applying your first layer of paint. Applying a primer layer of paint also helps your top coat paint (also known as the paint layer that you chose and want people to see) stand out more, especially if you are transitioning from a darker to lighter color or vice versa.

Different paints work with different surfaces, so it is important to do your research before getting that paint job done. Use a paint that works on different textured surfaces, like Tex-a-Kote from Island Premium Paints! As most houses in the Philippines are made out of either wood or concrete, these textured surfaces are a perfect match with the quality protection that Tex-a-Kote provides. Formulated with 100% solvent-based resin, it is a reliable, durable, and long-lasting paint, fit for exterior surfaces.

For other tips on how to use exterior house paints to their full potential, visit our website.



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