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Roofkote: What to Look For in Your Roof Paint

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Home Decorating Tips

Roofkote: What to Look For in Your Roof Paint

Posted on November 2, 2015

Ever wonder why a shelter is usually symbolized by a roof? Well, for one, the roof makes up about 40% of your home which is that one place where you feel most safe. Your roof is actually your home’s first line of defense against a scorching hot day, a chilly night and bad weather in general. And because it carries that much of a responsibility to you and the family, it should be given the proper care and maintenance it needs. Schedule a day for cleaning it, checking for damages—we don’t want rainwater finding its way in. More importantly, have your roof recoated once in a while. Even the sturdiest of roofs need repainting once every two years or so.

But what type of paint to use? Definitely not your regular house paint, as it usually becomes brittle after a brief time. Look for roof paint such as Island Paints’ Roofkote, that should add a layer of protection to your roof, as well as get you plus points for curb appeal.


The main purpose for repainting your roof is maintenance and reinforcement. Because it’s 100% acrylic, Roofkote provides dependable durability in the form of resistance against cracking, flaking, and other common paint failures. Rapid color loss and chalking which are usual paint film conditions that result from prolonged exposure to the sun are prevented, as well.


A key quality in your roof paint is the ability to withstand weather extremes and the movements that come after. Basic science will tell you that when it’s hot, objects expand; and when it’s cold, objects contract. Flexibility or elasticity is important to counter the damages that these expansion-contraction that movements would cause. Roofkote’s acrylic quality makes sure that you won’t have to worry about this for a long time.


With today’s super hot days and drafty cold nights, who would wish to stay on the roof for hours to finish a paint project? Roof paint has to be easy to use! And Roofkote’s got your back on this concern, as well. Being water-based, Roofkote is easy to use and with good coverage and spreadability per brush stroke or roll.

For more information on Roofkote, visit its product page at the official Island Paints website. For faster assistance on specific concerns, send us a message via our Contact Us page.

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