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The Types of Texture Paint

Home Decorating Tips

The Types of Texture Paint

Posted on May 16, 2018

In bringing life to a dull, flat wall, you can go the simple and easy way of introducing new colors or get extra creative with decorative devices such as texture paint. To help you, check out the different types of texture paint you can work with.


Decorating with Texture

There are two reasons to use texture paint: one is to cover imperfections, such as cracks, dents, and holes; and the other is to create visual interest with dramatic textured wall designs.

Texture paint makes textured surfaces happen with a formulation consisting of grains (sand) and/or gypsum bound by a water-thinned binder. Its thick and heavy consistency holds textured designs until it dries.

Para Sure Tip: in looking for textured paint, always look at the drying time. The longer the drying time, the easier it is to shape or correct imperfections before the paint sets.


The Types of Texture Paint

Smooth Textured Paint

Instead of the usual brush, you’ll need to use a trowel or a putty knife for applying smooth texture paint on a surface. This heavy-bodied paint does not contain sand, but is thick enough for a textured stucco or plaster.


Sand Textured Paint

As what its name suggests, this type of textured paint has sand-like additives that are usually available in fine, medium and coarse grain sizes.

Sand textured paint falls into two categories:

  • Premixed Sand Textured Paint

Commonly used for ceilings, this variety of sand textured paint comes mixed and ready for application.


  • Self-Mixing Textured Paint (Post-Mixing Texture Paint)

Self-mixing textured paint is a mix-it-yourself system with a base paint and sand additives. Having to mix it yourself gives you more control over how grainy the texture can be.


Alternative Textured Finishes

Just like traditional paint, textured paint is also available in a number of different finishes. This gives you many more options when planning to use textured paint. Some samples are:

  • Knockdown Textured Paint
  • Popcorn Textured Paint
  • Orange Peel Textured Paint


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