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The Minimalist Mindset

minamalist mindset and house decor tips

Home Decorating Tips

The Minimalist Mindset

Posted on August 9, 2015

In researching for well-known design options for the home, you’ve probably heard or read about Minimalism. It is a mindset and a way of life that embodies the popular phrase, “Less is more.” As a design concept, Minimalism proves to be timeless. Designers and homemakers prefer the style for the sense of control, order, and peace that it gives off to any space. What is the minimalist approach to designing? How do you integrate it into your home? It’s not for the flashy and the lavish, but it’s definitely more than just stripping your living room to its most bare. To share a little enlightenment, here are the core ideas behind Minimalism.


Perhaps the most obvious, Minimalism promotes Simplicity. The concept believes in being presentable with simple fixtures and a small amount of decor. No need to spend or buy new furniture and decor. The goal is to open up space, and simply repositioning items that you already have will do.


Leave only the essential. Do all of the items in your space serve a purpose? We bet not. Sort through them and decide which ones should be kept hidden or thrown away.

Functionality also ties in with Simplicity. Nowadays, there can never be too many features on a piece of furniture; and this may be due to people who demand more from their home equipment. But Minimalism sticks with the fundamental. Two functions on a furniture are too much, and it’s usually clunky appearance shows it all.


In a Minimalist sense, clean means clear surfaces, and visible solid lines and structure illuminated by an abundance of natural light. The first step to achieving this is getting rid of clutter. Yes, those items that crowd your space create visual distraction and stress. Dispose of duplicates and redundancies as well. Infuse your living space with easy-to-clean natural elements such as wood, metal, or stone.

In terms of color, Minimalism is not limited to a certain set of shades, but prefers the usage of light colors that are easy to the eye to help brighten up your space. As much as possible, keep your walls and furniture fabric plain and free from patterns.

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