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Superhero Color Schemes for the Home

Home Decorating Tips

Superhero Color Schemes for the Home

Posted on August 2, 2017

Superhero movies are all the rave nowadays! For now, no other movie genre provides a heightened sense of escapism. And hey, we wouldn’t blame people for wanting to escape stress and hideaway in personal spaces re-decorated to capture their superhero’s spirit!

The trick is to look at the colors of your superhero’s costume. The trick-y part, however, is that these colors are often contrasting or that, if not controlled, may easily become a mess.

For your appreciation, let’s start your superhero re-decorating with a short read on the superhero color theory.

The Superhero Color Theory

Recall your favorite and top of mind superheroes. You’ll notice that these heroes have red, blue or yellow in them. Why is that? Initially this is due to how comics were printed back in the day. Red, blue and yellow were the easiest colors to render in the four-color printing process. Later on, these colors were kept as characterization of certain superheroes was developed further.

The superhero color theory supports that each hero’s color has a meaning, in the same way that color works for branding. Check out this list of colors and their meaning, according to the superhero color theory:

  • RED – bold, energetic, passionate, determined
  • ORANGE – enthusiastic, potent, heat, humor
  • YELLOW – attentive, safe, energetic, ostentatious
  • GREEN – nature, growth, safe, harmonious, mystic
  • BLUE – deep, stable, knowing, trust-worthy, confident
  • PURPLE – royal, knowledgeable, untouchable, creative
  • BLACK – mysterious, elegant, unending
  • WHITE – spacious, eternal, pure, sterile
  • BROWN – grounded, earthy, dirty, gritty
  • GREY – ambiguous, smoky, mechanical, cold
  • PINK – nostalgia, flesh, femininity

Source: Superhero Color Theory, Part I: The Primary Heroes

As already mentioned, decorating with superhero color schemes can be as simple as re-coloring old furniture, adding trinkets, and putting up visual displays that align with your superhero’s color scheme. Here are some samples:

Ironman’s Red and Gold

The Superhero Color Theory and Sample Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

What’s great about Ironman’s red (be it the classic bright red or the movie version’s muted maroon) and Gold is that it aligns with what billionaire playboy Tony Stark would look for in a room – abundance and comfort.

Red and gold may be two colors that are hard to put together. But you can easily break the red’s intensity with a solid black or white, and gold can be made low-key by adding it into your room through details or trinkets.

Captain America’s Blue, White and Red

The Superhero Color Theory and Sample Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

You don’t need to be American to copy Cap’s blue, white and red into your personal space. Blue would be your main color and your whites and reds would be secondary or can come in accents. Or if blue is too bold, you may use it on your focal furniture and use white as your background.

The Batman’s Black and Yellow

The Superhero Color Theory and Sample Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

Batman may be darker and gritty in films now, but we’re sticking with the classic black and yellow. How to turn your room into your very own bat cave? No need to paint the walls black! It could be as easy as playing with grays, changing your sheets and key elements to black, or strategically placing your warm white lamps in the right positions.

Green Lantern’s Green, Black and White

The Superhero Color Theory and Sample Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

Green Lantern’s signature colors are great for rooms where conversations happen. The color green has an effect that stimulates imagination. If repainting a wall or buying pieces of furniture in green is not an option, you may want to consider transferring pots of greens from the garden into your indoor space.

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