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rainy and monsoon season tips to protect your home

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Rainy Season Tips: How To Protect Your Home

Posted on September 2, 2021

To some, the rainy season spells calmness and respite from the hot and humid weather. It’s also when kids stomp in puddles and plantitas beam with happiness because plants are abundantly watered. However, too much rainwater can also bring with it, potential damage to your abode. Think roof leaks, molds, and mildew on walls, damp furniture, and swollen doors. You wouldn’t want any of these happening to your home. To make sure it doesn’t get a lot of beating during the rainy season, here are foolproof rainy season tips that can help you rain-proof your home.

  1. Improve your ventilation
    Make sure there’s good ventilation inside your home by opening the windows and ensuring there’s good airflow. This is because the air is humid during the rainy season, which makes it conducive to mold and fungus growth. When there’s good ventilation, the humidity level is lower and, a musty smell inside the home is avoided. Further, it also helps avoid wall damage.
  2. Check the “woods”
    You may have noticed difficulty opening and closing wooden doors and windows during the rainy season. That’s because moisture accumulation makes wood swell. To avoid this, varnish wooden surfaces before the onset of the season. This adds a protective layer to the wood so that moisture is prevented from getting absorbed by the wood. For wooden furniture, apply coatings of lacquer and polish to prevent damage. For wooden floors (especially those with cracks and leaks), use wax sealant to protect the material against water.
  3. Protect your walls from fungus and molds
    This is very evident in moisture-laden rooms during the rainy season. Observe your bathroom, for instance, if your walls have black growths and bumps underneath the painted surface. These could be molds! The moment they become toxic, they become fungi. You know that mold has already become toxic when you smell something musty, or you experience cough, colds, watery eyes, and itchiness when you enter the room. What to do? Clean shower curtains, bathroom mats, and tiles with bleach to get rid of molds and mildew. Borax and vinegar solution scrubbed on affected surfaces can also help. Also, make sure there are no leaks in the kitchen and/or bathroom that can aggravate the situation. Having an exhaust fan that can improve ventilation can also help protect your rooms from molds and fungus.
  4. Take note of damp walls and ceilings
    Continuous rain can show damp walls or those that have moisture patches. Know that wet patches on walls (and ceilings) can be a sign of blocked drainages, faulty plumbings, or excess moisture due to poor ventilation. To cover cracks on pipes and walls, use sealants or grouts. You can also do some waterproofing coating on your walls to protect these surfaces from excess moisture coming from the rain. For indoor walls, silicon paints with good water-resistant properties can be used.
  5. Check your electrical wirings
    Water and electricity don’t mix. So check on loose wires, faulty switches, and broken fittings that can spark accidents like short circuits and electrical shocks. Leave the fixing to a certified and experienced electrician. Also, check on corroded pipes –- an indication of acid rain, and have them replaced with CPVC pipes that won’t corrode easily.
  6. Paint before the onset of the rainy season
    Don’t wait for the monsoon to come before you do your painting job, especially for exterior walls. Paint protects your walls from rainwater that can seep through and eventually damage the surfaces. It also protects the walls from the harsh effects of heavy downpours. For added protection when doing your pre-monsoon painting job, use waterproof paint with water sealant.

Securing your home during the rainy season all boils down to having it “covered” with an extra layer of protection. Painting your walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture is a tried and tested method. For quality paint proven to withstand extreme weather conditions, use Island Paints. With excellent adhesion ideal for the rainy season, Island Paints is your partner in protecting your home. Securing your home for the coming wet season? With Island Paints, you can!

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