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Painting Design Inspirations: Know Your Accent Wall

beautiful interior with forest green walls and warm furnitures

Home Decorating Tips

Painting Design Inspirations: Know Your Accent Wall

Posted on November 20, 2019

Tired of seeing the same bright colors on all your interior walls? Accent walls with these wall painting design suggestions should be perfect for you!

What are Accent Walls

An accent wall is a single wall in any part of your home that’s dressed with wall painting designs in order to draw eyes in. Imagine: a strong, energetic red wall in a room of pinks, or a solid orange in a dining room of rustic shades. Sure, it sounds like having one wall painted differently would ruin your color scheme symmetry, but an accent wall is a big hand in establishing your vibe for an area of your home.

If you’re looking for an extra pop in the important parts of your home without having to break the bank, then an accent wall is one of your best bets! To help you get it right and super chic, check out these important keep-in-minds.

Wall Painting Designs: Choosing an Accent Wall

How do you know when a wall has potential to be a striking accent wall? The factors to consider include the room’s exposure and basic color theory. Here’s more of what can help you decide on the right wall to shine the spotlight on, and what colors to paint it with.

Look for a Wall that Stands Out
In the room you’re working on, what wall catches your eye? The best accent wall is one that commands your attention without so much to it. For the bedroom, for example, this is the wall at the head of your bed. No need to feel pressured on this as you can always ask for help with friends and family! Ask them: what wall draws their attention.

Not Too Obscured, Not Too Bare
It’s important to pick a wall that’s not too crowded with fixtures or that’s not to bare. This affects your wall’s impact. What’s an accent wall for if it’s obscured behind drapes, or too plain without anything? Aim for balance and plan your furniture and trinkets around your accent wall.

For Your Inspiration: Accent Wall Ideas

As with painting other surfaces in your home, there are many ways you can add visual weight to a chosen accent wall. Take these suggestions.

Where Thou Art

Monochrome interior with beautiful artworks

A cohesive collection of wall art will never fail to make heads turn. As with the sample photo, you may choose to hang carefully selected art pieces that go together, and that complements your overall color scheme. Not much art items hanging around? Mirrors or reflective pieces are another great idea to bring a wall to life. 

Pattern Up

beautiful interior with patterned wall design

Go the extra creative route and work with wall painting designs such as patterns and murals. These should add a playful, youthful vibe to your place. Now make sure to be wise with your wall painting design. Did you know that horizontal stripes elongate your room and make it appear wider that it really is?

Bet on Texture

Concrete wall pattern

Textures add more feel to your surface. They leave a three-dimensional effect with sense of depth and dynamism — more than enough to get a house guest staring.

Go Bold

Beautiful red interior with red wall

Saturated colors and unconventional choices are a sure-fire way to make everyone look. No worries if you’re not comfortable with going full bold! Like in the sample photo, you can play it down by doing a gradient effect, or by softening your color with lighter colors and some neutrals. 

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