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Waterproof Paint for Concrete Surfaces

waterproof paint for concrete walls and surfaces

Home Decorating Tips

Waterproof Paint for Concrete Surfaces

Posted on October 24, 2019

In building and construction, waterproofing is the most important factor next to structural integrity. See, water in the wrong places carry a lot of problems with it — weakened structures, mold and mildew, and even bacteria. Learn about the benefits of using waterproof paint for concrete with our Para Sure tips on bracing your home against the damaging effects of leaks and other unwanted water problems.

The Importance of Waterproofing Your Home
Especially in a tropical country like the Philippines, where the seasons are extremes, heavy downpour and flash floods are a yearly regular. So reinforcing your home against water damage is a must. As its name suggests, waterproofing refers to protecting a building’s durability by preventing water intrusion. Waterproofing your home reduces the risk of water weakening crucial parts and the foundation of your home’s structure.

How Waterproof Products Like Paint for Concrete Helps
There are several ways and forms of safeguarding your home against the elements, but before anything else, make a quarterly routine of doing a simple inspection around the house. Keep an eye out for cracks, leaks, drips and other forms of water where it shouldn’t be. After you’ve pinned down where these signs are, start filling, repairing and sealing them in. For an extra layer of protection, using a waterproofing paint or product over concrete walls and surfaces can be helpful.

While some products are activated by the presence of moisture and create waterproof seals for keeping water out, waterproof paint works in a different way. When applied on concrete, it bonds and mixes itself into the concrete material, reinforcing its strength and durability with an impregnable layer that’s designed to prevent water from seeping in.

Concretobond: Waterproof Paint for Concrete and More

Concretobond is a polymer dispersion that, when mixed with cement, will bestow additional durability and adhesion on the composite material. More of its features include:

  • Improved strength, flexibility and adhesion of concrete plaster
  • Enhanced tensile strength and shear bond adhesion of the concrete
  • Exceptional bonding of new to old concrete in thin sections
  • Prevents moisture, carbon dioxide which can cause carbonation of concrete
  • Keeps off chloride ions which can cause vicious cycles of concrete spalling

Given its list of features, Concretobond may be combined with other products for a variety of uses:

As waterproofing membrane or paint for concrete

RequirementsConcretobond 4L & Portland Cement 6.5 – 8kg
Mixing ProcedureAdd Portland cement into Concretobond liquid. Mix thoroughly until solution forms a soft and creamy paste.
Application MethodRoller

As plastering & mortar enhancer

RequirementsRough Mortar Concretobond 1 part volume, Portland Cement 1 part volume, Sand 2 parts volumeFine Mortar Concretobond 3 parts volume, Portland Cement 8 parts volume, Water 1 part volume
Mixing ProcedureAs ordinary cement mix.
Application MethodPutty knife / trowel

As tile adhesive

RequirementsConcretobond 1 part volume Portland Cement 3 part volume Fine Sand 3 parts volume Water ¾ part volume
Mixing ProcedureAs ordinary cement mix.
Mixing Ratio(Adhesive mix)

The perfect time to waterproofing your home is now. It’s never a good idea to wait for the heavy rains and strong winds of the wet season to come in before doing something. Whichever method you choose to waterproof your home, get the repairs and reinforcement going as soon as you can, para sure!

Learn more about Concretobond, along with more of our Para Sure waterproofing tips for the home.

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