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How to Use Paint Thinner

Home Decorating Tips

How to Use Paint Thinner

Posted on June 9, 2015

Over time, paint thickens and forms lumps, especially when stored away and exposed to open air. This makes it difficult to use leftover paint especially when it’s been on standby for a long time. This is where paint thinner comes into the picture. Paint thinner is a solvent popularly used to thin oil-based paints. But contrary to common knowledge, paint does not need to solidify or curdle to require paint thinner.

Paint thinner is mixed with paint to alter its consistency – making paint easier to apply. If you’re still confused as to how exactly paint thinner is used, here are some guidelines:

Purchase the paint thinner that suits your needs.

There are various types of paint thinner for different kinds of paint. Each type of paint requires a corresponding type of thinner that can change its consistency. For instance, if you’re working with acrylic paint, then you should use acrylic thinner. A different kind of paint thinner is used with oil-based paint, and so on. Note that no two thinners can be mixed together to be made compatible with a certain type of paint.

Use different techniques for different surfaces.

Every type of paint requires a different technique and consistency for its unique quality to actually pop. The application method, for instance, can make a very big difference in how the paint will look when it dries. For instance, when you paint a large surface, the best way to apply paint is by using an airbrush.

Make sure the paint and paint thinner follow the right mixing proportion.

Prepare a large container for your mixture. Pour paint into the container followed by the paint thinner in the right quantity.  When mixing, use a wooden stick to stir while you’re pouring the paint thinner in. Remember that you should continuously check if the mixture has reached the right consistency. It’s important to take care when adding the thinner as you don’t want the paint to thin too much.

Apply the right number of coats.

One coat of paint almost always doesn’t suffice. Use the mixed paint to apply at least two coats of paint to achieve the best results.


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