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Benefits of Roof Coating Against Bad Weather

benefits of roof coating during rainy season

Home Decorating Tips

Benefits of Roof Coating Against Bad Weather

Posted on October 30, 2019

Keeping your home’s roof in tip-top condition with roof paint and the regular maintenance must-dos goes beyond looking good in the neighborhood! Check out what the plus points are in this short read! 

About Roof Paints 

Making up about 30-40 percent of your home’s exterior, the roof is actually your home’s first line of defense against harsh weather and the elements. And it is for this reason that the roof must always be kept in good health. Roof repairs are one thing, but painting the roof with specialized roof paint is a big plus if we’re talking about extra durability and flexibility. Consider these points on the benefits of using quality roof paint. 

Prevention of Early Degradation

Fact: as with any of  the house’s structural components, the roof weakens and degradates over time. This is thanks to multiple factors including materials used, poor maintenance and what have you. What may be the biggest factor though may be the weather. And we’re not even talking about extreme conditions such as storms and heat waves. 

Ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations between day and night messes with your roof’s durability. What may help limit the daily abuse is re-painting your roof with specialized roof paint. Some formulations work by providing extra flexibility that would help in the expansion and contraction of the roof’s material. Other formulations also prevent the roof’s absorption of the sun’s harmful rays by reflecting them away. 

Keep the Water Out

Much like the sun’s rays, high moisture levels and rainwater are also causes for the roof’s material to deteriorate. Before the rainy season hits, it’s important to do a little roof check to see if all water ways are clear of debris or obstructions which may cause water to pool and cause damage. Again, using quality roof paint and recoating regularly helps. This keeps your roof’s durability in check, preventing the chances of cracks and small holes where rainwater may leak through.

Extra tip: Post-rainy season, check for algae, moss, mildew and mold growth. It’s important to clean these off with the right chemicals, as they may be starting points for roof damages.  

Bonus: Minimize Energy Consumption

Roof paints with flexibility and reflective properties help lower energy consumption. Lower roof temperatures means a decrease in heat that’s passed on to the actual walls and body of your home — which means less usage of air cooling appliances and tech!

Roof Care 101

Your home’s roof needs some TLC too! Not just to look beautiful, but to function properly and keep you comfortably sheltered, whatever the weather. Make sure to add these to your roof maintenance routine:

  • Clean your roof one to two times a month.
  • Regularly check for cracks and dents.
  • Clear gutters, downspouts and other waterways, especially before monsoon season.
  • Watch out for blisters and peels in the paint. These are clear signs for a repaint.
  •  Make sure to use a quality roof paint for excellent durability and flexibility. 
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