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Painting Secrets from the Pros

Posted on June 27, 2014

When we want a painting job done, we turn to the pros. After all, they have years of experience under their belts. But with tips and tricks from the pros, the average homeowner can take on a DIY paint job more efficiently.

Amazingly, these tips are actually quite simple but yield impressive results. Here are just some pro painting tips to help you with your next project:

1. Clear the room.

This sounds pretty basic, but many people don’t follow this rule and end up with a big mess. Start by moving out smaller pieces of furniture and moving bigger pieces toward the center of a larger room and have them covered. Remove hardware, light fixtures, and hardware and label accordingly. Invest in drop cloths that absorb dripping paint well.

2. Prepare the surfaces.

Check the surface for small cracks, bumps or nails. Use painter’s putty or lightweight spackle for minor dents and cracks, and plaster of Paris for bigger ones. For bumps in the wall, smooth them out with a drywall pole sander.

3. Pick a good primer.

Primers are specially formulated to set a solid, even base and help the topcoats of paint to go smoothly and bond to the surface properly.

4. Finish one wall before starting another one.

It’s easy to get excited and paint different walls at once, but pros don’t recommend it. Finish the job on one wall before starting another to create a seamless look.

5. Wash roller covers.

Washing your roller covers gets rid of the fuzz that comes of once you start your paint job. Wash them with a bit of liquid soap and water, then run your hands up and down to “precondition” the covers. No need to let them dry.

6. Start painting with a loaded brush.

Load the bottom 1 ½ inches of your brush with paint, then tap each side of the brush against the inside of the can to clean off the heavy drips.

7. Work from the top down.

Start from the crown molding, then the walls, then the molding around the doors and windows.


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