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Indoor Recycling Tips for Home Improvement

Home Decorating Tips

Indoor Recycling Tips for Home Improvement

Posted on June 2, 2016

With global pollution steadily worsening, a call for better recycling methods is of utmost importance. The best way to start the promotion of proper recycling is in one’s home. With proper education and awareness, you can do a lot of efficient and effective methods of indoor recycling.

Here are some indoor recycling tips you can follow!

  1. Sort Plastics

Depending on their type, plastics should be recycled accordingly and properly. There are many types of plastic: Polyester, Polypropylene, Vinyl, and many more. So try to learn what plastic materials you’re using in order to accommodate trash bins and trash compactors. Also, plastics are one of the main causes of bad pollution so it’s better to switch to paper manufactured materials.


  1. Reusable Items Over Consumables

There are a lot of materials that can cater to daily cleanliness and maintenance. Use items like towels or sponges for most wipe-ups instead of paper tissues. Also, use reusable shopping bags instead of disposable ones when shopping. Overall, reusable materials work better than disposables.


  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These 3 R’s are the best advice one could give in the recycling process. It’s very important to educate oneself in the difference of the three: Reduce means lowering your consumption or buying less, Reuse is finding new ways to use old items, Recycle is the extraction of materials from things that might otherwise be considered as trash and turn them into new products. These 3 R’s will help in determining what method to use with one’s materials.


  1. Recycle Water

Try to consider organizing or arranging your plumbing in a way so that rainwater or leftover water from your shower and tub is used to flush your toilet. Also, the used water from dishwashing or from showering can suffice in watering your garden.


  1. Letting Go

Donating your old stuff can help in recycling. You can either decompose your stuff or contact charity to pick it up. These objects that you donate might not have much use to you but others can definitely utilize it. Give away clothes that don’t fit, appliances you don’t use anymore, and materials that have served its purpose in your home. Make it a point that nothing in your house goes to waste.

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