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How to Decorate a Room With High Ceilings

Home Decorating Tips

How to Decorate a Room With High Ceilings

Posted on January 14, 2015

High ceiling rooms are nothing short of elegant. Tall rooms give you the feeling of power and luxury, but amidst these advantages, high ceilings can be quite a challenge to decorate.

On the other hand, having a “tall room problem” is probably one of the best challenges you can encounter. Here are some big ideas to match your royally high ceilings.

Take Advantage of the Height

The secret to overcoming this difficulty is to take advantage of the height. Apart from the typical wall decor such as artworks, photographs, or even mirrors, think outside the box and consider an architectural redesign if necessary. If you have a high ceiling but only have standard height doors and windows, consider adding a valance to fill up your space. Maybe even add embellishments to the framing of your doors and windows for a more classically elegant feel.

Creating Dramatic Lighting

When you have a tall room, good lighting is almost always the hardest to achieve. But there’s one simple solution: chandeliers. Aside from giving any room a pleasant amount of drama, chandeliers never go out of style. Besides, you can never go wrong with one of the classic lighting design elements in interior design history (just pick the right one!).

Have Accent Walls

With all the space in your tall room, give it a little bit of a playful attitude by adding an accent wall which unifies with the theme of your interior design. With an accent wall, you will have a great opportunity to draw the eyes of your guests, making all the space you have less boring and a little bit more adventurous.

Decorate With Books

After decorating your walls with artworks and other decorative pieces, leave one wall empty and have a bookshelf mounted. Once this is done, fill it up with books and other eclectic pieces. Voila! You now have a wall busy with art and decor, as well as a practical storage space for your books.

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