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Creep It Real: Halloween-Inspired Mural Painting Ideas

Get in the Halloween spirit with these fun and easy wall mural ideas.

Home Decorating Tips

Creep It Real: Halloween-Inspired Mural Painting Ideas

Posted on October 31, 2023

Calling all painters, from seasoned pros to DIY daredevils! Get ready for a spine-tingling activity as we attempt to create Halloween wall murals. If you’re unsure how to kick things off or need a shot of creative adrenaline, fear not – we’ve got a bag of treats of inspiration to make this November the spookiest month of them all. 

When choosing a design for your Halloween mural, there are many different options to choose from. You can go for a scary look with images of ghosts, goblins, and witches; or you can choose a more whimsical design with images of fairies and mermaids.

If you’re looking for Halloween mural ideas, read this.

Before you start your Halloween mural , let’s cover the essentials:

  • Light and Location

    Choose a well-lit spot with plenty of sunlight to showcase your mural at its eerie best.

  • Crafty Color Palette

    Select colors that match your theme. Go dark for a spine-tingling mysterious vibe and light for a playful touch.

  • Devilish Details

    Don’t skimp on the spooky extras! Plants, insects, buildings, and witches up the visual thrill.

  • Brushstroke Magic

    Decide on which types of brushes(flat, angled, and round) to use for your project. You can also experiment with brushstrokes ( hatching, dry brush, flat wash, and stippling) to add texture to your mural. It’s all about creating a captivating look.

  • Free-Spirited Fun

    Remember, there are no strict rules when painting a Halloween mural. Let your creativity run wild and embrace the fun!

Now that you’ve read some pointers, it’s time to explore some awesome themes to consider:

Candyland for the Sweet Tooth

Transform your space into a candy lover’s dream with a sweets themed mural. Turn your walls into a world filled with vibrant lollipops, towering candy canes, and gumdrop mountains. Add candy-striped pathways leading to magical lands of sugary treats.

Start with a candy castle in the background, where gummy bears guard the entrance, and the chocolate moat is ready to be crossed. Create a swirling rainbow river with candy fish leaping in delight. Use bright and cheerful colors to make the candies pop and create a mouthwatering, larger-than-life experience.

 Haunted House Nightmare

Haunted houses are a classic Halloween attraction. When it comes to making your haunted house unforgettable, think beyond the usual spooky props. How about painting eerie murals to set the chilling mood. 

Imagine a haunted graveyard, complete with ghostly apparitions and moonlit tombstones. Pair it with dim lights and fog machines for an extra eerie touch. Or go for the creepy asylum look, with graffiti-covered walls and rusty beds. It’s sure to give your visitors goosebumps!

For a haunted mansion vibe, paint fancy but worn-out walls with flickering candles and ghostly portraits. 

Beyond Space

Turn your room into a captivating night sky with a mural that celebrates the beauty and mystery of the universe. Picture a night sky filled with the soft glow of the moon and the distant planets.

Start by featuring a detailed image of the moon, illuminating the room with its radiance. Sprinkle the rest of the mural with stars, creating your own constellations or simply letting them twinkle across the darkness.

For a celestial touch, include planets like Jupiter and Saturn, each with distinctive rings. This night sky mural will transport you to a world of wonder and stargazing, a perfect addition to any space lover’s sanctuary. 

A Fairy’s Hideout

Bring a touch of magic to your space with an enchanting fairy mural. It is a whimsical world where fairies dance amidst blooming flowers, and ethereal light illuminates the night.

Start with a majestic fairy at the center, her wings glowing with soft and radiant light. Surround her with delicate fireflies, casting a warm, golden glow that bathes the room in a dreamy ambiance.

Let the mural come to life with lush, colorful flowers that serve as the fairies’ playground. These vibrant petals add a touch of vibrancy to the enchanting scene.

Here are a few ideas for fairy mural designs:

  • A fairy dancing in a meadow of flowers
  • A group of fairies sitting on a mushroom ring
  • A fairy castle in the clouds
  • A fairy village hidden in the woods

You can also find many other fairy mural design ideas online. Once you have chosen a design, simply sketch it out on the wall or surface where you want to paint it. Then, start painting!

A Journey into Filipino Tales

Creating a Filipino folklore-inspired mural can be a rewarding experience that not only showcases your artistic talent but also promotes cultural awareness and appreciation. The Philippines has a rich tapestry of folklore and mythology, with various creatures and stories to draw from. 

For this type of mural you can try adding mythological creatures. Start by conducting research on Filipino folklore and mythology. Learn about different characters like the “aswang,” “kapre,” “tikbalang,” “manananggal,” and “nuno sa punso.” Understand their characteristics, stories, and physical appearances to represent them accurately in your mural. 

Filipino folklore creatures often have unique features and attributes. Make sure to highlight these details in your mural. For example, the “manananggal” has the ability to detach its upper body, so you could depict this aspect in your artwork.

A Siren’s Oasis

Craft a breathtaking underwater world with magnificent sea creatures and vibrant marine life. Begin by showcasing a mermaid as the central figure, capturing attention with her long, flowing hair and glistening tail. Envelop her with a vibrant school of fish, floating seaweed, and an assortment of seashells.

Paint a gradient background that simulates immersion in the deep blue sea, transitioning from serene cerulean blue to dark royal blue.

Here are some mermaid mural ideas to inspire you:

  • A mermaid rising from the ocean waves, her long hair flowing behind her.
  • A mermaid sitting on a crescent moon, surrounded by stars.
  • A mermaid swimming through a sunken ship, exploring its treasures.
  • A mermaid teaching a young girl how to swim.
  • A mermaid playing with a sea turtle.

Colors of Expression: A Mural Painter’s Palette                                               

Choosing the right paint is vital for a captivating mural. It impacts both the visual appeal and durability. Be wise in your selection to ensure your mural stands the test of time. 

Try Prima Semi Gloss Latex. Get the right shade of paint for your murals with 200 colors to choose from! It is a top-tier acrylic-based paint known for its excellent opacity, alkali resistance, and scrub resistance. This paint is ideal for exterior and interior masonry surfaces, including concrete, hollow blocks, and cement plaster. 

It effectively combats dirt pick-up and inhibits the growth of mildew and fungus. The finish is a sleek semi-gloss, and can be applied using a brush, roller, or spray. With a quick drying time (30 minutes to handle, 2 hours to dry hard), it offers efficiency in your painting project. 

Recoating can be done in a minimum of 4 hours. It covers approximately 25-30 sq. m. per 4-liter container. Prima Semi Gloss is available in 1L, 4L, and 16L plastic containers.

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Get even more creative! Once you have finished your mural, you can add some finishing touches, such as glitter, glow-in-the-dark paint, or even some Halloween props. Your Halloween mural is sure to be a hit with family and friends!


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