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5 Christmas Color Schemes You Should Try

Home Decorating Tips

5 Christmas Color Schemes You Should Try

Posted on November 17, 2017

Stuck with the usual red and green color scheme for Christmas? Don’t be! Here are 5 other color schemes you need to try.

Christmas is the brightest and most colorful season every year. So don’t hold back in expressing your creativity. Mix in some new pieces to your traditional ornaments and decors, and definitely don’t be afraid of trying out new color schemes! Take these sample schemes.

Green + Brown

Mother Nature’s popular pair gives off a simple yet sophisticated feel to the usually shiny and loud season of giving. Keep to brown ornaments and wooden deco pieces for your Christmas tree, while opting for a layered, multi-toned greenery for the larger spaces and passageways of your home.

White + Off-white

Make your white Christmas a little grounded with soft touches of parchment brown to yellow. For depth, you may try working in some metallics such as silver or gold, but remember to keep it controlled. The goal with this color scheme is understated elegance.

Brown + Bronze + Violet + White

Now, you might think that this color scheme may be a little too much. But, when executed properly, what you get is a stable set with brown as your solid, dominant base, white as your tool for breaking the main color’s intensity, and shades of violet + bronze as bright pops that should add interesting layers to your chocolate-colored Christmas.

Red + Pink + Green + White

Moving away from the neutrals and subtles, this color scheme attempts to capture the festive spirit of the season in a modernist approach. Patterns and prints should help you get the Yuletide pop going with this set.

Blue + Red + White

If you’re a big fan of Dr. Seuss, then this color ensemble is for you! Use teal or robin’s egg blue as your dominant color, and red and white as your accents.




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