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Best Patching Material Tips for Your Home

Posted on January 25, 2016

Like all things, your house can only take so much wear and tear. Over time, storms and intense heat will leave marks of damage on the surfaces of your home, including paint fails such as cracks, peels, and chalky paint. And when these paint fails happen, you’d want to get up and start repairing before they get worse! To help you, take these para sure patching material tips and tricks.

When doing repairs for your home, it helps to know which products to use, and how to use these products correctly. Take these para sure pointers for working with patching materials.

Plan Before You Execute

Plan for your patch-up project. Scan for problem areas in your home and list down every detail that needs to be considered in your planning. Where and how many patch-ups would be needed? How many materials would you need? What are your projected timings for the repairs needed? In everything, planning helps you be in control of your time and budget. You don’t want to spend on too many materials and you, most definitely, wouldn’t want to take too long in your patch-up projects.

Work with Flat, Leveled Surfaces

Caulking means sealing separated joints and leveling surfaces by filling in dents, small holes, and other surface imperfections. For a flawless job, you will need a putty knife for application and the right caulk product or material.

Para Sure tip: on surfaces designed to be decorative, you can use Island Premium Paints’ Decoratex. With reliable flexibility and high resistance to flaking and cracking, Decoratex eliminates the need for extra patching materials

Drywall for Drywall

Larger holes will need more than a filling compound. Seal holes on a drywall with a separate piece of drywall. Don’t forget to use an adhesive compound such as joint compounds.

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