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celebrate the festive season with these Christmas interior ideas

Home Decorating Tips

7 Holiday Interior Design Tips for Added Cheer

Posted on December 9, 2021

The holidays are right around the corner – you know what that means! It’s time to dust off the Christmas decorations you’ve stored and add some holiday cheer to your home’s interiors.

However, if you’re decorating your home for the first time and want to feel the holiday spirit, take a cue from these Christmas-inspired interior ideas! With these tips, your home will be ready for all the season’s festivities.

Achieve Merry and Bright Interiors With Christmas Decorations

Here are some holiday interior design tips that you can try for your home so you’ll be ready for the season:

  1. Choose your colors: Probably one of the easiest ways to get your home ready for the holidays would be to add decorations in Christmas colors! Unsurprisingly, red, green, gold, and silver are still some of the top choices. However, you can also try other color palettes like blue and white, pink and gold, teal and gold, or even black and gold!

    If you’re still torn on which colors to choose, it may be wise to carefully look at your home’s color scheme first. Know the dominant colors that are in your home for the majority of the year, and then search for Christmas palettes to complement these shades.
  1. Put up a tree: Christmas trees are the highlight of a lot of holiday celebrations! In fact, every step involved in putting one up, from assembling (or choosing a live tree) to decorating, are holiday traditions in most Filipino households. However, if you don’t have enough space for a large tree, you can still add some cheer to your home by setting up these types of trees:
    • Christmas card tree: If you’re the sentimental type to keep Christmas cards from years past, you may want to put them on display, arranged into a tree-like shape?
    • Tabletop trees: Got a coffee or dining table that you want to highlight? Try looking for a tabletop Christmas tree that’s just the right size, decorate with your ornaments of choice, or even stack tiny presents under them. 
    • Twig trees: If you’re willing to take the DIY route, you can look for twig trees that you can spray paint and decorate with ornaments too. This is a great choice as well if you’re all about that minimalist aesthetic.
    • Yarn trees: Here’s something you won’t see every day! If you have an empty wall or hallway, use some yarn to shape a Christmas tree. Even better, you can have the young ones make homemade ornaments that they can attach to the tree.
  1. Show off nature’s best: Highlighting the best of nature will never go out of style! This Christmas, you may want to add touches of nature into your decor with:
    • Eucalyptus: Even if you already have garlands and wreaths, another green plant-like eucalyptus won’t hurt. Your home will smell lovely too!
    • Fresh flowers: These add much-needed charm and beauty to your tables. While fresh flowers will surely look good inside vases, you can arrange them onto the center of a table, together with greens and even holly berries.
  1. Set the table: Whether you’re having an intimate dinner with family or friends or having some people over, make sure your table will look as good as the food you’ll serve. Here are some tips that can help:
    • Use garlands as a table runner: Take a piece of real or faux garland and set it down your table. 
    • Impress with centerpieces: If you have ornaments that didn’t make it into your tree, place them in a clear bowl and use it as a centerpiece. You can also display these ornaments inside glass boxes
  1. Liven up with lights: One of the most whimsical parts of Christmas would have to be twinkle lights! Try weaving or inserting fairy or string lights into pines and evergreens so they can cast a glow in your home. If you have unused glass jars or lanterns, you can also place these lights inside and use them as decor. 

    Aside from fairy lights, you can also count on candles and lanterns to cast a glow in your preferred rooms. Just be mindful when using any of these light sources though, as they can be hazards and can lead to fires or electrical damage if left unattended. 
  1. Don’t forget door frames or stairways: These are often overlooked because of their location, so adding a few Christmas touches to them won’t hurt. Here are some items you can hang or display in these areas:
    • Garlands properly secured with hooks
    • Ribbons in Christmas colors
    • Christmas stockings (personalized or otherwise)
    • Fairy or twinkle lights or light-up stars or snowflakes
    • Mini wreaths
  1. Use what you already haveTake a quick look at some of the items you already have and be imaginative! This is a good idea if you’re on a budget or just want to make the most of your belongings. Here’s how to repurpose items you already have into Christmas decor:
    • Wine bottles and candlesticks: Insert long candlesticks into clean wine bottles and cover the labels with wrapping paper. For a final touch, wrap the bottles with festive ribbons.
    • Ribbons and ornaments: Speaking of ribbons, you can also tie them onto throw pillows you currently have and add a little ornament or two.  
    •  Another way to use these pairings would be as matching napkins and chair wraps. Simply measure your chairs to get the ideal ribbon length and get creative!
    • Christmas tree toppers: If you have old Christmas tree toppers that are in good shape, display them on top of a shelf or coffee table. 

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