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7 Refreshing Paint Colors for Summer Houses

7 summer house paint color ideas

Home Decorating Tips

7 Refreshing Paint Colors for Summer Houses

Posted on July 9, 2021

Summer houses are designed to make things relaxing and soothing for you, especially on days when you need a breather. While the sun is at its peak and you want your rest house to look… well, restful, we give you paint color ideas to make your summer house a summer stunner. We begin with splashes of paint colors that exude a fun, summer vibe.

Golden Yellow

Nothing says summer better than the chirpiness of yellow. Sunkissed days are waving with hints of golden yellow on doors and windows, balanced by white trims. This color can also be painted on walls, but to avoid an overpowering look, infuse a bit of contrasting colors like sage green or bright blue either on fences, panels, or posts. 

Hints of Purple

Summer evokes that joyful feel of blooms surrounding your rest cocoon. Capture that serenity through a lilac-inspired paint color. Imagine splashes of purple and pops of burnt orange and wooden textures giving you that happy note reminiscent of summer gardens. This palette sure brings out the colorful and playful invite of the season. 

Airy White

White may be bereft of anything colorful and playful, evocative of summer. But it’s one of those hues that work well, giving any space that airy, breezy feel. White doesn’t just give your summer house a spacious look; it also brightens up everything. A lush lawn and with pots of colorful flowers perfectly adorns the crispiness of a white summer house. 

Sea Green 

Think beach, think Carribean. Then think about that exact ambiance on your summer house’s paint color: green. It’s a gorgeous color that paints tranquility and freshness. Use this as a wall color or as your color highlight for painted furniture. Anything earth tone works well with a sea green-inspired summer house. 

Think Pink 

If you’re aiming for all things pretty and romantic, you know there’s no such thing as too much pink. Choose a favorite area in your summer house –- patio, front door, fence – and paint it with a happy flamingo pink color. But to not overwhelm it, match it with whites or neutrals, just enough to create a soft, playful, and dramatic touch. 

All Neutral

Summer doesn’t always mean a lot of colors. You may opt to not be too bold on your summer house, especially if you want to go subtle and subdued with your color options. The blending effects of beige, off-white, and tan are classic enough to go with warm lighting and rich wood textures.  

Pretty in Pastels

It need not be candy-like or kiddie-colored. Painting your summer house in pastel colors simply means going soft on your color palette to lighten and brighten your home’s facade. Green? Make it mint. Blue? Make it baby blue. Orange? Why not have one in coral? The options are endless. 

Things to consider when choosing colors: 

  • Know the ambiance you’re aiming for. Are you looking to recreate sandy walks along the blue-green ocean waves, the golden kiss of the summer sun, or the tranquil blue skies reminiscent of a laid-back afternoon? Think of these things and decide what color inspiration to take. 
  • Stain it or paint it? Decide if you’re going to do a major painting project using dominant colors or you are only “staining” some parts and balancing them out with another color. This helps you plan out how much paint to buy and what possible accents to put to make everything picturesque. 
  • Take note of your roof. That, being a major part of your summer house should complement the paint color of your place. It’s still part of a whole that begs for color symmetry. 
  • Consider your home accents. When planning on a summer house paint color, consider your existing home accents, furnishings, and other adornments that will go with it. Benches, front table, fence, potted plants –- will these go with the overall vibe that you want to achieve?
  • Don’t be scared to try unexplored painting possibilities. Some options may feel daunting, but given the right color combination, texture, and design, such painting adventures are worth exploring. Whether that be an English-style summer house, something Nordic, or urban cool, don’t hold back expressing yourself in colors.

Your summer house is your resting cocoon, your place of respite. And it is only fitting that you dress it up in colors that suit your taste and mood. Summer, after all, is the most vibrant, playful season of the year. 

To achieve your desired color, go for a trusted paint brand. Island Prima from Island Paints has unbeatable adhesion and outstanding color retention. It helps protect your house from unnecessary wear and tear caused by the erratic Philippine weather. Painting your summer house to make it a summer stunner? You can! 

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