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essential home office upgrades for productivity

Home Decorating Tips

5 Essential Home Office Upgrades for Productivity

Posted on June 30, 2017

Design impacts how you feel, as well as the way you act and behave in a space. And for your home office, there are para sure hacks to unlock productivity.

There will be days when work spills out of the 8-hour office commitment and into the comforts of your personal time at home. Sometimes, it even gets its way onto weekends. And that’s okay. These things happen. When it does, you want to make sure that your home office is properly-outfitted to help you maintain focus and prepped to help you get the job done!

Apart from equipping your home office with the basic ensemble, here are a few more essential upgrades that should boost your productivity.

Let the Light In

Brighter is better. In coming up with a lighting plan include natural light from windows and supplemental or artificial light from lamps and the like.

Natural Light

It’s a known fact that natural light stimulates concentration and improves your overall mood. Especially if a window in the room provides a nice view of relaxing greens and such, you’ll want to position your desk near it. Did you know that exposure to sunlight also optimizes your body’s sleeping schedule?

Supplemental Lighting

The good thing about home offices is that you have freedom with whatever you want to do, put or use in it. For your artificial lighting, you can very much veer away from the dull, bright flood of fluorescent ceiling lighting, and go for softer and adjustable alternatives with warm desk, floor or overhead lamps.

Color for Productivity

Color will always be a topic when talking about interior design. Just like in any room, colors are a big help in channelling your desired mood or ambiance for your home office. Whether adding new colors via decor items or going big by giving your walls a fresh coat, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Bold and loud colors such as Red invite excitement and energy
  • Bright colors such as Yellow are conversation-starters and best for ideation
  • Soothing colors like Green or Blue, meanwhile, encourages a relaxing environment

Finding the Right Flexible Furniture

If you’re thinking about buying a new desk and chair, go for the flexible options, or those that may be adjusted to your body’s liking. Standing desks are all the rage recently. Should your body show signs of wanting to work while in a standing position, a desk with adjustable height should do the trick.

Ample Storage

One thing you can expect from any work space is that papers will file up, documents will be everywhere, and occasionally, the stapler goes missing. Shelves, storage boxes and discipline are key to keeping things neat, organized and where they need to be.

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