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4 Violet Bedroom Paint Ideas

Home Decorating Tips

4 Violet Bedroom Paint Ideas

Posted on April 4, 2018

Experimenting with interior colors is one quick and practical way of changing how a room looks and feels. With 2018’s color of the year, here are some bedroom paint ideas you might want to try.

About Violet


A lot of words can be associated with violet, but a pair of adjectives consistently comes out as top of mind: Regal and Royal. There is a luxurious feel to it which can be toned down to sweet or amped up to bold, depending on the shade you choose and what color you pair it with. The stronger shades evoke drama, while the lighter shades are soothing and gentle, pretty but not bubblegum sweet.

Purple Kale + Gloaming (Gray) + Dusty White


Island Premium Paints’ Purple Kale is just the right mix of dark and full-bodied. The color exudes elegance whether lit with natural light or dim at night. Gray reinforces a sedate and sophisticated vibe, while pops of Dusty White should be enough to balance the intensity of the violet shade. This regal color combination is a great addition to your list of bedroom paint ideas.

Heliotrope Purple + Beaver Gray + Cottony White


This one’s a lighter alternative with the same set of colors. Heliotrope Purple is powdery purple, cooled down with Beaver Gray, and peppered with touches of Cottony White for contrast. What’s unique about violet is that it’s considered a cool color, but has enough warmth in it to blend with other warm colors such as orange and gold. If you’re looking for bursts of vibrance, orange, and warm metallics such as bronze should do the trick.

Violet Pinches + Bramble Purple + Yogurt


If you’re naturally a fan of violet and purple and would consider going for a monochromatic look to your space, then this bedroom paint idea is for you. Strike a light and bright purple balance with violet pinches and bramble purple. Yogurt white or a cream alternative should break the softness and balance the two colors.

If violet not your hue, here’s a catalogue of more Island Premium Paints colors for you! Got a color scheme in mind? Let’s talk.  

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