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3 Traditional Filipino Christmas Decorations for Added Cheer

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Home Decorating Tips

3 Traditional Filipino Christmas Decorations for Added Cheer

Posted on December 9, 2021

Need inspiration for grand Christmas celebrations? Take a cue from a Filipino holiday celebration. As soon as September hits, expect some homes and establishments to have Christmas decorations set up and festive tunes playing in the background. At this time of the year, a lot of people are in a good mood, thanks to happy celebrations with family and friends.

Just like every other country, Filipinos have Christmas traditions that are unique and can be used as inspiration for holiday celebrations! Here are some of the traditional Filipino Christmas decorations you can find in many homes and how you can include them in yours.

1. Parols

Most Filipino Christmas traditions (and decorations) are heavily influenced by religion. One example would be Filipino parols that symbolize the star that shone in the sky on the night the baby Jesus was born. Parols were first made with bamboo sticks, crepe paper, or Japanese rice paper.

A lot of parols nowadays are still made with bamboo sticks, but are now covered with bright plastic film, or capiz shells that have been lined with sparkling lights. You can also find parols made out of native materials like abaca. In some cases, people even go the extra mile and build parols with recycled materials like plastic bottles, caps, cups, and utensils.

Where to Use: Parols come in many sizes. For instance, very small lanterns can be used as a very Filipino Christmas tree decoration or even hung in other parts of the house like doorknobs.

If you’re able to find big parols, they can be displayed outside your home, either outside windows or over doors. Carefully attach the parols to hooks to let everyone know you’re feeling the Christmas spirit. Do the same thing if you’re planning to use them indoors too. 

Tip to Remember: If you’re decorating with capiz parols that light up, take extra caution as you’re dealing with electrical devices. Be mindful about leaving these on for too long and take note of hazards to prevent issues like short circuiting.

2. Belen or Nativity scene

The belen or Nativity scene that depicts the birth of baby Jesus in a manger, with farm animals and the Three Wise Men bearing their gifts, is another FIlipino Christmas decoration you’ll find in households. After all, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Just like with parols, belens come in many sizes. Belen figurines also come in various art styles, ranging from traditional to modern, so you’re sure to find a display that can match your aesthetic.

Where to Use: A lot of families display their belens in places like coffee tables, shelves, and other similar display areas. If you have enough outdoor space, you can even set up a big belen, just make sure to keep the display protected from rain and other elements.

Tip to Remember: Try to choose a location where the figurines won’t be easily toppled or disturbed by items like big gifts, curious toddlers and kids, or even furry pets. Broken figurines aren’t a good sight, especially during the holiday season. 

3. Christmas Tree

Although the tradition of putting up Christmas trees didn’t exactly start in the Philippines, a lot of families really take the time and effort to set trees up. Each household has a game plan when it comes to setting up the trees. Christmas trees are essentially a blank canvas waiting to be decorated.

Some families switch up their tree every year with new ornaments, while others use what decor they already have and improve it little-by-little.

Elsewhere, some take the traditional route with trees decorated with ornaments in Christmas colors like red, green, gold, or silver. Meanwhile, there are households who aren’t afraid to use trees in other colors and go with “untraditional” color palettes.

Where to Use: Make your trees the focal point of living rooms, dining rooms, or reception areas, especially if they’re tall. Don’t forget presents under the tree as well!

Tip to Remember: If space constraints are an issue, no problem! You can look for smaller Christmas trees at department stores or online. These trees are only a few feet tall and can be displayed at home. You can also search for table top trees or ornaments that can be placed on desks, tables, or shelves for an added Christmas touch. 

There’s really no Christmas quite like a Filipino Christmas. If you’re looking for a way to jazz up the festivities this year, start with incorporating more Filipino elements into your home? Your loved ones will definitely appreciate the work you’ve done to make the celebration extra special.

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