Home Decorating Tips

Working with Paint for Waterproofing Your Roof

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Home Decorating Tips

Working with Paint for Waterproofing Your Roof

Posted on November 14, 2019

A main fixture in any home, the roof’s main duty is to protect you, your family and your home from intense heat, heavy rainfall and other damaging exterior elements. Though you can’t control the weather, you can control how your roof functions and keeps with its purpose. Read on for some facts about the roof, maintenance tips such as using waterproofing paint for the roof, and more!

Facts About Your Home’s Roof

Given its purpose, a typical roofing system should be sturdy and reliable. Thinking of working on the roof of your home? These interesting facts should set the right considerations and get the work done.

  1. Different Roof Types for Different Climate Conditions
    Choosing the kind of roof for your home goes beyond aesthetic considerations. Consider climate conditions. It’s a fact that  there are roof types that work better in specific climates. Check out these samples:

    • Gable roofs (or those formed with two triangles at a 90-degree angle) work wonderfully in colder climates
    • Hipped roofs (four slopes of equal length on all four sides that form a ridge at the top) are best for strong winds or areas where rain and storms are constants
    • Flat roofs are great for drier climate conditions, as too much water might pool and cause damage
  2. Flat Roofs are Not Purely Flat
    Contrary to its name, flat roofs are not flat! There should always be a slight slope of at least ¼ inch per foot!
  3. Just Wood is No Good
    A roof is not just a single piece of material that you put on top of your home. It’s actually a system with several necessary components. These are:

    • The roof decking is the base which supports all the weight of the roofing system.
    • The metal flashing and drip edge are pathways for water to run off the edges of the roof.
    • A ventilation system is a must to allow heat from inside to escape.
    • A waterproof or water-resistant underlayment is necessary for protecting the decking from moisture or water that might creep in
  4. Roof Projects Often Require Expert Help
    The roof being a complex system, skilled professionals should always be consulted and asked for assistance when dealing with repairs and projects for the roof.
  5. Roofs are Forever
    The lifespan of the roof depends on the materials used and how it was installed. With the right tools, proper methods and regular maintenance, your home’s roof should last longer than expected.

Quick Maintenance for the Roof

Though still best with the assistance of an expert, quick checks and maintenance can be DIY. For your next roof checkup, make sure to check these points:

  • Check if all nails are in place.
  • Look for gaps where the roof meets your walls, and seal with a suitable compound.
  • Use a stiff wire brush In cleaning and clearing any debris that may obstruct water disposal.
  • Do at least 2 coats of a reliable waterproofing paint for roof such as Roofkote.
  • Waterproof nails by covering it with a piece of membrane and using waterproofing paint to seal it down.

Roofkote: Premium Waterproofing Paint for Roof

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