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Tips & Tricks for an IG-worthy Look to Your Room

tips for an ig worthy bedroom

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Tips & Tricks for an IG-worthy Look to Your Room

Posted on October 1, 2020

Nobody wants a shabby-looking home. And in the age of social media, aesthetics and interior design have taken an entirely different meaning. Nowadays, finding the perfect wallpaper or scoring a piece of furniture you’ve always wanted is not enough. You want every room in your house to look put-together and photogenic for the “gram,” as the youths are saying. 

With that, here are a few tips and tricks so you can make your room standout and IG-worthy.

Tidy up!

While your audience is only going to see a portion of your room, cleanliness is still a must. This is something that we shouldn’t have to point out; Instagram or no Instagram, your space should always be neat and tidy. It’s also a good thing that social media has been taken over by accounts dedicated to cleaning and decluttering — that at least is bringing its positive effect on our cleaning skills.

Bring your room to life

Subjects like flowers, a pet cat or dog, or sometimes even a baby add a bit of life and brightens up your room entirely. But if you don’t have those things, a plant will do. So it’s time to put your plant tita skills to the test! In this toxic world, people enjoy seeing plants thrive in their own environments – they bring a calm ambience and vibe, plus, they look charming in pictures. Oftentimes, people replicate the look by making plants their main focus. 

Don’t be afraid of color

While a monochromatic look is totally in right now, do the unexpected and add a little bit of color to your room. Switch your neutral throw pillows for bright patterns or fun, eye-catching sayings or have a project and do an accent wall with your favorite color or wallpaper. These colorful and lively details will go a long way to grabbing your audiences’ attention to the screen.

Bring in sentimental trinkets to tell your stories

Your bedroom doesn’t always have to be picture perfect. Sometimes, it’s not the photo that draws audiences in, but a genuine story about you and your decor. Little details like an art print you got at a flea market or a vintage lamp that’s been passed down from your lola can evoke feelings of sentimentality and authenticity to your brand and your room. You want your space to feel lived in, not cold like a catalog.

Natural light is key

Lighting can make or break a photo. So if you want to achieve the beautiful, natural aesthetic look ala-Architectural Digest,  try turning off all artificial sources of light, pull back the curtains all the way, and maximize the natural light of the outdoors. 

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