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Guide & Tips for Your Wall Painting Ideas

wall paiting tips and ideas

Home Decorating Tips

Guide & Tips for Your Wall Painting Ideas

Posted on October 24, 2019

Every homemaker’s dream is to keep a home that’s cozy, strong against the elements and visually appealing. Is it time for a home makeover? These guiding tips and color ideas for your wall painting just might help!

Look for Inspiration
Before coming up with your wall painting and design ideas, it’s always helpful to spend time on research and looking for inspiration. What are the trends, what can you effortlessly apply for your home, and so on. Rummage through magazines, home decor books, or simply pull out your phone and throw yourself into a link freefall of looking through design websites, DIY videos and blogs. Now make sure to save interesting ideas or those that you would want to try.

Para Sure tip: pool these ideas into a mood board or an online document. This should help visualize your design, and from here, you can gauge if your design is cohesive, too much or too little.

Have a Short Refresher on Colors

Coming up with your own color scheme can be loads of fun! But there are a handful of ways things can go south. Your favorite colors may not be compatible, bold blue and subtle green may not be the best combination for the kitchen, and going all out red on the main interiors of your home may leave you with an uneasy feeling.

Para Sure tip: the basic thing to remember about coming up with color schemes is that when choosing colors, there has to be balance. And this is best achieved with a mix of warm and cool colors. To further guide you, here’s a short refresher on warm, cool and neutral colors.

  • Warm Colors Remember the color wheel? On one side of it are colors with warm undertones. These are red-orange, red, yellow and yellow-green. Warm colors possess radiant and cozy qualities, and make rooms appear smaller and more intimate.
  • Cool Colors Opposite your cool colors are purple, blue and blue green, or colors with cool undertones. In contrast to warm colors, those on this side of the color wheel have cooling and calming qualities with a tendency to recede and make rooms appear larger, breezier and colder.
  • Neutral Colors White, gray and black are neutral colors (also called “non-colors”) that can either be warm or cool, and may be paired with any color in the spectrum.​

Learning about Color Psychology to how colors can have specific effects on your mood and thinking is a big hand in coming up with a well-thought out color plan.

Now remember to limit the number of colors to no more than three or four. Too many colors can make your interior space look busy, messy and cluttered.

Ideas Beyond Wall Painting

Go beyond plainly painting walls! Here are more ways to spread color into your interiors.

  • Use that Fifth Wall What fifth wall, you say? Why, you’re ceiling, of course! Don’t resign to just painting white over it as there are advantages to experimenting with color on this surface. As a general rule, ceilings that are lighter create more depth and visual interest – it appears higher – while a ceiling of a darker color appears lower.
  • Don’t Hold Back on the Door No accent wall? No problem. A boldly colored door or trim work can serve you the same drama. Painting your door might be good, too, as it coats your structure with additional protection against regular wear and tear.
  • Try Your Hand at Decorative Painting Experimenting with colors is just one way of visually spicing things up in both interiors and exteriors of your home. Decorative painting with different textures and patterns is another level of creative challenge that you might want to dip your brush into!
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