Home Decorating Tips

Flower Arrangement Tips for the Living Room


Home Decorating Tips

Flower Arrangement Tips for the Living Room

Posted on May 1, 2017

Greens, plants and flowers naturally fill any space in the home with color and energy! For the living room, pots and planters of the right types of flora, positioned in the right corners and surfaces, will no doubt make the common area come alive.

If you’re considering, here are the basics on how to welcome nature’s babies into your abode.

1. Choose the Right Greens & Flora

Deciding on the best plants for your living space takes a little more than going for what greens and flora you’d like to wake up and see around the house. Environment and care should be one of the first considerations. Scale and width, for example, should go with your room dimensions. If your ceiling’s too low, you don’t want something that cuts your room’s height short. If your living room is a little dark, you want a plant such as a fiddle leaf fig tree that enjoys and thrives in small amounts of light.

Island Paints’ tip:

Treat your greens, indoor or out, like sculptures that live and breathe.

2. Pick Planters with Personality

Never underestimate what a proper pot or planter can do to further beautify your greens. And in this regard, there are no fixed rules, really. You may experiment with a variety—clay pots or ceramics, decorative plastic, china, wood baskets—just make sure that it jives with the overall design theme of your living room.

Island Paints’ tips:

  • Match the vase, pot or whatever vessel to the surrounding furniture or to the room’s overall palette so that it looks integrated.
  • Especially if you’re decorating with trees or bushes, you’ll want to go with planters that command attention.

3. Choose a Good Spot for Your Pot

Once your plants’ dressed up and ready to go on display, plot points where you’ll be positioning them. A cluster of potted succulents would look good on a countertop or by a window, while trees will draw attention to itself and naturally tie everything into one theme if positioned in a warmly lit corner.

Island Paint’s tips:

  • Hydrangeas are a tried-and-tested classic that works and looks gorgeous in any part of the home.
  • Change up your plant and floral arrangement once every month.
  • For more specific tips on decorating your interiors with plants, you may want to take cues from the Jungalow Trend.

Take your redecorating project to the next level and work these Greenery tips for the home and the living room! Check out other green home projects and home improvement suggestions from Island Paints.

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