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What You Need to Know About Paint Sheens

everything you need to know about paint sheens

Home Decorating Tips

What You Need to Know About Paint Sheens

Posted on July 25, 2015

It may seem like a minor detail, but choosing the right paint sheen for your project is as important as choosing the right color of paint. Basically, your paint’s gloss level or paint sheen helps create visual interest and may impact your paint job’s life. The higher the gloss level, the shinier and more durable your coat it is. To further guide you, here’s a rundown of the different kinds of paint sheen according to gloss level.


Paints with a flat sheen are non-reflective and tend to have an effect that flattens surfaces and hides surface imperfections. Although most surfaces with a  flat/matte sheen are hard to clean, Island Prima Flat is formulated with additives to counter the growth of mildew and fungus that you can use as a finish coat for concrete surfaces, as well as for properly primed wood or metal.

Best for: low-traffic areas and surfaces you want to downplay.


If it’s a velvety soft appearance that you’re after, then the Eggshell finish is for you. With gloss level slightly higher than Matte, Eggshell offers excellent coverage with better color and stain-resisting quality.

Best for: low to moderate traffic areas such as bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms.


Normally used for surfaces meant for decorative purposes, the Satin sheen delivers a pearl-like appearance with a nice balance of washability and gloss. Island Life delivers a premium satin finish with low odor and anti-microbial properties, making it perfect for rooms where the kids usually are.

Best for: moderate traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Satin also works well for furnishings and trim work.


Easy to clean and with great resistance against weathering, Semi-Gloss gives your surface a lasting sleek, radiant look with a gloss level that’s one step lower to the highest. Island Tex-a-kote Semi-Gloss White is a decorative coating that may be tinted to pastel shades. Its color fade resistance makes it suitable for outdoor application.

Best for: moderate to high-traffic areas, as well as high moisture areas.


A glass-like, premium finish, the Hi-Gloss sheen creates a brilliant, highly reflective surface. Although it offers great durability and washability, this paint sheen tends to highlight surface blemishes such as dents or rough woodwork. So before putting on a coat of paint with a hi-gloss finish, better make sure that you take your time and be meticulous with surface preparation. Brighten up your space with a nice, weatherproof coat of Island Interior Gloss Enamel 800GE White.

Best for: areas and details you want to highlight and brighten.

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