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Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Home Office

Home Decorating Tips

Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Home Office

Posted on April 28, 2015

You may not realize it but having a home office can actually increase your productivity just by the sheer professional atmosphere it gives off. But if you’re sitting on an uncomfortable desk chair or surrounded with non-conducive work decor, that’s where the headaches begin.

Getting some work done at home can already be a struggle but if you’re working in a perfectly designed home office, you’re sure to be motivated to tick off every item on your to-do list. So get all the home office decorating mistakes out of the way. Here are some of them.

Mistake #1: Taking the walls and floor for granted.

Think about it, what distinguishes your home office from your cubicle at work? The walls. Get the perfect ambiance by giving your walls a fresh coat of paint and motivating artwork to get yourself going. As for the floor, a carpet or rug can add some much-needed comfort for your tasks.

Mistake #2: Forgetting about good lighting.

Computer-based jobs can take a toll on your eyesight because of your screen’s glare. Sitting in an improperly lit room can make you feel tired quicker than if you have the right kind of lighting. So instead of just relying on overhead lighting, complement it with a desk lamp will eventually save you from headaches.

Mistake #3: Getting an uncomfortable desk chair.

Let’s face it. Almost everyone’s bought that one desk chair that looks amazing but is totally uncomfortable. While it may be pleasing to your eye, your back will definitely suffer. If you’re planning on spending a whole day sitting on your desk chair to work, expect that your body will be sore come nightfall. So when you’re shopping for your home office chair don’t ever forget about comfort.

Mistake #4: Not considering storage when buying furniture.

When you’re dealing with paperwork, storing all those contracts and all kinds of reports can be a hassle for an office with minimal storage space so every piece of furniture you purchase should address or aid in solving this problem. Invest in at least two pieces of furniture with ample storage space and you’re good to go.


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