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House Paint Design for Chinese New Year

Home Decorating Tips

House Paint Design for Chinese New Year

Posted on May 19, 2016

New Year, new house paint design! Colors are a significant part of Chinese traditions. The Chinese believe that colors are important when starting a celebration, because they want luck and positivity to surround them throughout the year. Why not join the celebration by using these colors for the month of February? Who knows, you might really get lucky!

Here are some house paint designs you can use in line with the Chinese New Year!


The color red is closely associated with Chinese culture and tradition. It is symbolic of the nation’s aesthetic pride in their annual celebrations. For Chinese beliefs, the color red is a representation of beauty, happiness, success, and positive fortune. A representation of positive energy, red is a prominent feature of Chinese celebrations. Red lanterns are displayed in businesses and residences. Double rows of red “Xi”—which translates to “happiness”—letters are posted on gates and doors for luck. People wear red during weddings, festivals, and other auspicious events. Red envelopes stuffed with money are given as gifts during Chinese New Year. For this Chinese New Year, you might want to consider bringing in red objects into your home, especially furniture with red accents. It can be a good accent point to your house paint design, and serves a festive purpose in celebrating the Chinese New Year.


Yellow in Chinese culture is considered as a symbol of power and royalty, and was also associated with bravery in Ancient China. Why yellow? In history, the first Emperor of China was known as the Yellow Emperor. China was also often known as Yellow Earth, and its mother river is the Yellow River. Aside from these historical facts, yellow is often seen as a positive color. It brightens up a room and inspires energy. You can use this bright color to turn your house paint design into something bright and blooming for Chinese New Year.


Green in Chinese culture symbolizes health, prosperity, and harmony. With green, the Chinese people believe that their businesses will prosper. If you want to favorable business opportunities, you might want to consider adding green to your house paint design. Aside from popular beliefs, the color green is a fine addition to your home because it adds subtlety to your home.

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