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What to Look for in Painting Apps

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Home Decorating Tips

What to Look for in Painting Apps

Posted on April 20, 2018

When you try to search for painting apps in an app store, you’ll be greeted with a long list to choose from. Which should you go for? More importantly, which will be very useful to have for your future DIY projects? Allow us to narrow down your choices with these para sure pointers.What to look for in painting apps? A brief answer would be a painting app that packs the tools you’ll need for your paint projects. But you don’t want to download an app that’s too heavy and overwhelming to use. Keep it light with these essentials and must-have features in painting apps:

Catalog of Colors and Color Schemes

Sure, swatches are cool to have on hand, but having a digital copy saves you cargo space and weight. Especially in creating a design plan for a space in your home, access to colors and color scheme suggestions are an absolute necessity.

Color Visualizer

You can pick colors from swatches, stick it to your wall and imagine what the whole would look like; or you can use a visualizer to do the imagining for you. A visualizer is a must-have painting app feature where you take or upload a photo of the area you want to repaint, and test colors or planned color schemes on.

Para sure tip: color inspirations can come from anywhere, so pick an app with a color picker.

Paint Calculator

Part of calling a project successful is if you managed to accomplish it without going over budget. When it comes to painting, you don’t want to spend on too much paint. A paint calculator helps minimize excess paint by providing an estimated amount fit for the area you need to cover.

Para sure tip: assistance on the choosing of the right paint for a project should come in handy, as well.


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